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Mailbag: Hawks' Forsett vs. Duckett

August, 18, 2008
Posted by's Mike Sando

J from New York writes: What do you think the fallout would be if the Hawks were to cut T.J. Duckett to make room for Justin Forsett? I understand Duckett has $4 million guaranteed, but is that really going to matter, cap-wise, considering his deal is spread out over the course of his contract? Also, do you see this actually happening? or do you see them somehow carrying 6 RB's? Also, instead of using up roster spots for extra WR's to open the season. How about PUP'ing Branch and using Wallace as the last resort guy at WR? This would save the 2 dead roster spots that Branch and Engram would be taking up and it would also give Branch some extra rehad time. Very comfortable with the Hawks young group of rcvrs. Sorry about all the Q's.

Mike Sando: Duckett has a $2 million guaranteed roster bonus due in 2009. Cutting him would be more embarrassing than injurious to the salary cap. His cap number for 2009 would shrink if the Seahawks released him. His cap number this season is $1.055 million. It jumps to $4.95 million in 2009 if Duckett is on the roster to collect his $2.5 million base salary. But if Seattle cut him this summer, the 2009 cap number would be $3.6 million by my count. Matt Hasselbeck's deal counts nearly $10 million against the 2009 cap.

The guaranteed money suggests the Seahawks have a roster spot for Duckett. I could see Seattle keeping six running backs. It's easier to do if Deion Branch is healthy enough to contribute right away. I wouldn't PUP Branch because then he's out until well into October.

Adam from Sacramento writes: After the game against the Packers, all I can say is Superbowl here we come!!! jk... Seriously, the 49ers looked much better, especially the line play on both sides of the ball. What do you think about the improved pass rush? Is it the real deal or just preseason protection issues from GB? And what do you think about O'Sullivan? He seems to make some really bad decisions, i.e. the Woodson pick. Thanks Sando!

Mike Sando: It's good for the 49ers to enjoy some success. This season could blow up on them depending on what happens at quarterback. The defensive talent appears to be pretty good. I think the 49ers could still use a dynamic defensive lineman, but so could a lot of teams. The 49ers have had talent on their offensive line. Those guys just haven't always worked well together for whatever reason. Some guys have the measurables. Some guys are gamers. The best guys are both.

O'Sullivan has been a career backup for a reason, probably, so a breakout season would surprise a lot of people. The emergence of Josh Morgan is something that should excite you. Jason Hill made a play the other night. Keep your fingers crossed on Jonas Jennings. He looks better so far. Ray McDonald has talent. He works hard. He needs to work on sustaining that level of play for extended periods. Some players do that better than others.

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