NFC West: Ike Charlton

Shock! Another Seahawks-Lions deal

August, 31, 2010
The Seattle-Detroit pipeline keeps pumping, albeit with less-than-spectacular results this time.

The latest move between the teams is particularly chuckle-worthy (surely there must be some reason these teams keep hooking up, but I can't find any hard ties). The Lions recently won a waiver-claim battle with Seattle over former Denver Broncos offensive lineman Tyler Polumbus. The Lions held Polumbus for a few days, then traded him to the Seahawks, presumably for something of minimal or even conditional value. Polumbus and Seahawks offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates were with the Broncos in 2008.

The Seahawks and Lions have made multiple trades and shared multiple players spanning multiple coaching staffs and front offices in recent years.

Among the players to spend time on both rosters: Polumbus, Nate Burleson, Will Heller, Rob Sims, Lawrence Jackson, Maurice Morris, Julian Peterson, Trevor Canfield, Marquand Manuel, Kole Heckendorf, Kevin Hobbs, Logan Payne, Chuck Darby, Keary Colbert, Billy McMullen, Travis Fisher, Cory Redding, John Owens, Jon Kitna (OK, not recently in Seattle), Joel Filani, T.J. Duckett, Kevin Kasper, Ike Charlton (again, not recently in Seattle), Etric Pruitt, Mike Williams and probably a few others.

Schneider, Carroll and the elephants

January, 25, 2010
Seahawks general manager John Schneider expanded on his philosophy during a recent interview with John Clayton on 101ESPN Seattle. New Seahawks coach Pete Carroll did the same thing during a recent interview with KJR950's Mitch Levy.

Thoughts and highlights:
  • Schneider favors taller cornerbacks to combat the growing number of large receivers in the NFL. This was the approach Seattle took when Schneider and one of his mentors, Ted Thompson, were with the Seahawks several years ago. Ken Lucas and Ike Charlton are among the taller corners Seattle selected under that mindset.
  • Schneider favors bigger receivers. Schneider said it's a "big man's league" and this has "more to do with corner and receiver than any other position."
  • Finding linebackers, running backs, defensive linemen and offensive linemen is more about finding people to fit schemes. Seattle will pursue offensive linemen and running backs to fit the zone blocking scheme, for example.
  • The Seahawks could draft quarterbacks regularly, independent of perceived need. Another mentor for Schneider, Ron Wolf, believed in drafting quarterbacks frequently, developing them and then deciding whether to promote them or trade them. Ty Detmer, Mark Brunell and Matt Hasselbeck were examples from Schneider's early years in Green Bay.
  • Carroll cleared up confusion over whether the Seahawks were considering incorporating 3-4 principles on defense, something Carroll alluded to during the news conference to introduce Schneider. The team will run a 4-3 scheme. The team might deploy its 4-3 defense with some personnel that might project more naturally in a 3-4 alignment. Hence references to "elephant" linebackers such as Brian Cushing, formerly of USC and now with the Texans. Background info here.

Mailbag: How the Rams can rebuild

November, 20, 2008

Posted by's Mike Sando

Hiztory from St. Louis writes: now that the rams are out of playoff contention can we look to the future? we obviously need a QB for the future so what about JP Losman? we need at least two more like three good lineman, one to replace pace, challenge barron and an interior lineman, one more DE to back up little and another DB.

who do you see that the rams would go after? any coaches? and i know this makes this a rather long post but, i think the rams should become a zone blocking offense with a one cut and go system. and a hybrid 3-4/4-3 system and stand little up. get a bigger back to pair with jackson and a young qb. it's like a smash mouth philosophy where we run %60-%70 and throw %40-%30. wha do you think? sorry for the long message. thanks for reading.

Mike Sando: Thank you. Your note gets moved to the front of the line given that we don't hear from Rams fans all that frequently.

I'm not sure the organization can afford to give up on Marc Bulger even though you find it "obvious" that the team needs a new quarterback. The financial commitment to Bulger is such that I think he's the guy for next season. Given that resources are finite, I would focus on building a better team around him. Some of this is going to be dependent on what happens with the coaching staff.

You are absolutely right about the Rams needing to focus on upgrading the offensive line. They need players at every position on the line. I would look to find at least three new starters for 2009. They paid Jacob Bell, so he probably needs to be there at left guard. And Richie Incognito has come on a little at right guard. Still, I would want to upgrade at center, one guard spot and at least one tackle spot. Orlando Pace can't stay healthy, so it's time to develop a prospect at that position.

The Rams should be OK at the skill positions with Bulger, Steven Jackson, Donnie Avery and Randy McMichael. They'll probably need another receiver given that they are phasing out Torry Holt. I would want another tight end, particularly if Al Saunders' system remains. Could be time to part with Joe Klopfenstein and give someone else a chance to grow into that position.

Defensively, the Rams need bulk in the middle. Otherwise their linebackers aren't big enough. They need to turn over the strong safety position. They could use cornerback help.

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