Similarities, differences for Rams and Jags

Jack Del Rio's firing in Jacksonville and news of ownership's intention to sell the team should register strongly in other organizations facing uncertain futures.

Rams-Jaguars Comparison

The St. Louis Rams are one such organization.

Their owner, Stan Kroenke, isn't expected to sell the team, of course. He only recently became majority owner. But the Rams' struggles raise obvious questions about potential changes involving the head coach and/or general manager.

I've put together a chart comparing a few offensive stats for the Jaguars and Rams this season. Some of the numbers actually favor Jacksonville.

There are obvious differences, too. Del Rio had been the Jaguars' head coach for nine seasons. Steve Spagnuolo is in only his third season with the Rams. But the Rams' inability to get more from their offense in Sam Bradford's second season works against Spagnuolo, as does a defense that has collapsed against the run.