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Posted by's Mike Sando

Josh from North Dakota writes: Sando, I don't see how Kurt Warner is not on your [Ultimate Building Blocks] list! This is one of the top QBs in the NFL last year returning from an excellent postseason, with the same receiving corps. Let's not forget he's a two-time league MVP. He threw for 4,583 yards and 30 TD's last regular season. And to top that off he threw for 1,147 yards and 11 TDs in the post season. He posted a postseason passer rating of 112.2. He was third in the NFL in passer rating last year, secnd in yards and third in touchdowns. I find it asinine that he doesn't make your top 10!

Mike Sando: I questioned myself on that one after filing the Ultimate Building Blocks piece. My original thinking remains defensible. Warner might not play for the entire three-year window in question. His contract runs two seasons and he has already considered retirement. It's tough to build around a player unlikely to stick around.

On the other hand, if I were building a team, I would want a quarterback, and that would mean drafting Warner. I probably could have justified drafting Warner and Matt Hasselbeck as insurance against one another, figuring at least one of them will likely produce all season.

Jake from Lebanon, Pa., writes: You're an idiot for not including Anquan Boldin. Repeat, idiot.

Mike Sando: Boldin isn't even under contract for all of the three-year window in question and I'd be surprised if he remained with Arizona for the full term. That makes it tough to build around him. Also, Larry Fitzgerald is a better player at this point. Once I "drafted" him, there wasn't as much need for another wideout.

George from San Francisco writes: Hey Sando, in regard to your Ultimate Building Block piece, shouldn't it matter if the team were to run a 4-3 versus a 3-4 scheme on defense? I assumed you were in a 4-3 due to the two defensive linemen and only one linebacker [Patrick Willis], but I think you would need to choose a coach to lead the team because it would solidify which system the team would run.

Mike Sando: I didn't really settle on a scheme in part because this division lacks pass-rushers to build around, both at outside linebacker and defensive end.

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Posted by's Mike Sando

Jeff McLane's story on suggests the Cardinals sought first-, third- and fifth-round choices from Philadelphia for receiver Anquan Boldin, according to Eagles coach Andy Reid.

"That's a lot of picks, No. 1," Reid said in McLane's story. "And then you're going to pay the guy $10 million. So you get hit on both sides of it."

Such a price would seem prohibitive, but what if we knew which players those first-, third- and fifth-round choices would become? We cannot know this in advance, but we do know which picks the Eagles held in those rounds. I singled out the 21st, 85th and 157th choices for the sake of this exercise. I then looked at which players those picks returned in past drafts to see if a team might rather have those picks or Boldin.

Sometimes the picks hold more promise before teams make forgettable selections with them. I think the Eagles would rather have Boldin than the players those picks returned in 2005.


21st pick: Alex Mack, C, California (Browns, with pick from Eagles)

85th pick: Ramses Barden, WR, Cal Poly-SLO (Giants, with pick from Eagles)

157th pick: Victor Harris, CB, Virginia Tech (Eagles)


21st pick: Sam Baker, T, USC (Falcons)

85th pick: Craig Stevens, TE, California (Titans)

157th pick: Roy Schuening, G, Oregon State (Rams)


21st pick: Reggie Nelson, S, Florida (Jaguars)

85th pick: Brandon Mebane, DT, California (Seahawks)

157th pick: David Clowney, WR, Virginia Tech (Packers)


21st pick: Laurence Maroney, RB, Minnesota (Patriots)

85th pick: Brodie Croyle, QB, Alabama (Chiefs)

157th pick: A.J. Nicholson, LB, Florida State (Bengals)

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