NFC West: Jeff Otis

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Looks like the Rams won't be signing Gus Frerotte anytime soon -- or after the draft. The Rams announced Kyle Boller's signing in a move that could leave Frerotte without a team.

The Rams and Frerotte were close to a deal that would have made Frerotte the second quarterback for ongoing minicamp practices. Frerotte reportedly backed out because he was afraid the Rams might draft a quarterback. Boller's addition addresses the position for St. Louis heading into the draft.

The Rams' depth chart at quarterback now includes Marc Bulger, Boller, Brock Berlin and Jeff Otis. Boller has started 42 NFL games, all with the Ravens. He spent last season on injured reserve with a shoulder injury. If healthy, Boller should serve as a viable backup. He is also relatively young -- 27 -- so he has more upside than the 37-year-old Frerotte.

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A quick look at 53-man rosters from Feb. 1, date of Super Bowl XLIII, provides a reference point for seeing how NFC West teams have changed so far this offseason.

I'll continue with St. Louis.

Gone from the Rams' 53-man roster and injured reserve list in the 58 days since the Super Bowl (18):

  Kevin Terrell/Getty Images
  Orlando Pace was drafted by the Rams in 1997.


Orlando Pace, T

Torry Holt, WR

Dante' Hall, WR

Drew Bennett, WR

Dane Looker, WR

Travis Minor, RB

Anthony Becht, TE

Cory Withrow, C

Brett Romberg, C

Anthony Davis, T

Nick Leckey, C

Brandon Gorin, OL

Rob Petitti, OL


Corey Chavous, SS

Jason Craft, CB

Fakhir Brown, CB

La'Roi Glover, DT

Special teams

Gary Stills, LB

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Roster glance: Seahawks loading up

March, 16, 2009
Pos. Cardinals 49ers Rams Seahawks
QB 4
3 3
RB 6 5 6 4
WR 8 7 6 10
TE 4 3 4
OL 8 11 8
DL 9 6 10
LB 6
9 7 6
DB 11 11 11 11
ST 4 5 3 5
Totals 60 60 58 65

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The 49ers added safety Lewis Baker and linebacker Mark Washington.

The Cardinals added running back Jason Wright.

The Rams signed offensive lineman Mark Setterstrom, defensive end Eric Moore, quarterback Jeff Otis, defensive back Marcus Brown, tight end Eric Butler and center Tim Mattran.

Those moves, announced by the teams Monday, are reflected in the chart at right.

The Rams' signings bring their numbers in line with division averages.

The Seahawks' numbers on both lines are heavy. They also have more receivers than any team in the division.

Seattle tends to load up on players before the draft, seeking maximum flexibility and security. The Seahawks have 65 players and seven known draft choices, plus a few compensatory picks. Unsigned draft choices do not count against the 80-man offseason limit, allowing teams to carry additional players through minicamps.