In case you forgot, Trent Baalke is in charge

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Trent Baalke does not like doing media conferences. The San Francisco 49ers general manager prefers to stay behind the scenes and do his daily work.

But there he was Thursday, sitting with CEO Jed York and Jim Tomsula on the dais as Tomsula was introduced as the Niners’ 19th head coach in franchise history. And just in case you missed it, Baalke showed just who was in charge of the football side of things inside Levi’s Stadium after the purported power struggle with former coach Jim Harbaugh ... on more than a few occasions.

Or did you miss when Baalke quipped, “I think, somewhere in there, he said we’re going to run the football,” after a long Tomsula soliloquy on his X’s and O’s philosophy that revealed, well, little?

Or when Baalke barked, “Whose staff is this? It’s our staff. I get tired of the same questions all the time relative to, who's got final say, who's pulling the trigger? We’re doing it. I can’t emphasize that enough. Not one person is going to make every decision in this building.

“It isn’t always getting the best. It’s getting the best that can work together. That’s the goal. That’s the objective. Finding 17 people, 18 people, whatever that number is, that can really come together and get it done.”

As general manager, Baalke still has final say on the roster and with Tomsula as his head coach, rather than the oft-combative Harbaugh, there should be less friction. Which should lead to more harmony, right?

In fact, Baalke said the job was offered to Tomsula and Tomsula only, that Baalke flying to Denver the night before Tomsula was hired to meet with Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase was simply part of the process.

“I’m not the X and O guy,” Baalke said. “I’m not the scheme guy. I’m not the coach, and don’t want to be. What I want to do is be able to look at the team from a 30,000-foot view and bring in, acquire as much talent as we can. That talent acquisition, I learned a long time go, it’s not just players, it’s coaches, it’s front office people.

“It’s everyone on the football operations side. And I think if you ask Jed, it would be no different for the organization as a whole, business or football.”

But with no doubt that Baalke is calling the shots on the football side.