Video: James Laurinaitis and pro wrestling

Highlights from St. Louis Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis' appearance with Dana Jacobson on First Take:

  • Despite the lockout, Laurinaitis has no plans to follow his father's career path into pro wrestling. Joe Laurinaitis, recently enshrined in the WWE Hall of Fame, has wrestled professionally for roughly 30 years. The younger Laurinaitis said he wouldn't step into the ring professionally because wrestlers suffer injuries too frequently. He said it wouldn't take much for an inexperienced wrestler to separate a shoulder.

  • Laurinaitis pointed to David Vobora as the teammate he would choose as a tag-team partner, not just on ability but also for his personality. "Wrestling isn't all about being a meatball in the ring," Laurinaitis said. "You gotta have a good interview going on and he has the characteristics to do that."

  • Laurinaitis singled out former college and NFL teammate Bobby Carpenter, his good friend, as the opponent he'd like to face in the ring. "I wouldn't mind getting a few chair shots on him and payback for pranks he did on me as a freshman," Laurinaitis said.

  • On the football front, Laurinaitis singled out Sam Bradford as a key to the team's improvement last season, but he also thought there were other reasons. The lockout could make it tougher for the team to improve as much as it did last offseason, he said.

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