NFC West: Kareem McKenzie

Posted by's Mike Sando

Deric from Twin Falls, Idaho, writes: I've had it, as a Seahawks fan I'm sick and tired of Mike Holmgren and John Marshall, their play calling consists of the most predictable, lame duck style to ever grace the NFL.

Mike needs to leave now, instead of driving our starters into the ground for the meaningless continuance of the season. At this point I only see mike trying to add to his all-time coaching win total, so instead of resting starters and getting 2nd and 3rd stringers more action he's going to risk the health of our starters for his ego.

Holmgren is why the Seahawks have failed this year, other teams still manage to scrape by with injuries, but Mike can't do it, when you have players out you need to focus on game planning, and all this season has shown is that Mike is washed up. Mike needs to leave now and take that joke of an assistant Marshall with him.

Mike Sando: Not going to happen. I do think the 2-8 record has exposed the downside of this coaching transition. Setting aside all egos and personal concerns, I think the best move for the Seahawks' future right now would be for Jim Mora to at least take control of the defense. Let's see what he has in store. What more can the Seahawks get from these remaining six games by sticking to the status quo?

At the same time, I understand why this might not be practical. Holmgren can't be expected to make that type of move at the expense of a loyal assistant, no matter what Deric from Twin Falls or Mike from might think of the situation.

As for playing starters to pad victory totals, I don't think that's happening at all. Who would you put into the starting lineup? The Courtney Taylors of the world have already played. John Carlson, Lawrence Jackson, Owen Schmitt -- they're all playing and playing extensively.

Mansfield Wrotto? Jamar Adams? Playing those guys isn't going to suddenly set up the team for a successful 2009, in my view.

Note: Based on comments for this mailbag, some might have thought I was agreeing with Deric in suggesting Holmgren should step aside before the end of the season. That was not my intention at all. The intent was to say that installing Mora to run the defense would give fans something to get excited about heading into next season. But, at the same time, that might not be practical for obvious reasons.

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Silver linings: Rams vs. Giants

September, 15, 2008

Posted by's Mike Sando

The facts: The Rams scored only one touchdown during a 41-13 home loss to the Giants, allowing 200 yards rushing and 441 total yards.

The upside: Even the worst defeats tend to feature a bright spot or two. A quick look at things that went right for the Rams ...

  • Torry Holt proved he can still make the spectacular play. His 45-yard touchdown catch ranked among the most spectacular of his career.
  • Josh Brown converted two 54-yard field goals. His kickoffs traveled past the goal line on average.
  • Punter Donnie Jones had a 43-yard net average with two punts downed inside the 20.
  • Rookie Chris Long collected four tackles, including the first sack of his NFL career. Long is a work in progress. Getting the first sack out of the way allows him to proceed without hearing about going "X" number of games without one. Giants right tackle Kareem McKenzie held Long around the neck on the Giants' first touchdown pass. Eli Manning might have been able to make the throw anyway.
  • The Rams appeared to avoid serious injuries.
  • The Rams converted 3 of 13 times on third down. That's terrible for most teams, but progress for a Rams team that failed to convert any of its 11 chances in the opener.
The Rams take an 0-2 record into their Week 3 game at 0-2 Seattle. Steven Jackson tripped on his way to what might have otherwise been a 66-yard touchdown run during the first quarter. Jackson has enjoyed big games against Seattle. He hasn't got much going so far in 2008.