NFC West: Lance Lawry

Posted by's Mike Sando

RENTON, Wash. -- Aaron Curry spent the last two weeks biding his time in the Seattle area while his agents worked toward a contract agreement.

By Saturday, Curry said he was approaching his breaking point. He seemed to be only half-joking when he said he considered sneaking into team headquarters to watch practice from a secret location. Missing the first eight days of camp was that tough, he said.

The Seahawks threw Curry into practice only hours after reaching the six-year agreement. The rookie first-round choice struggled some in one-on-one coverage drills. Cameron Morrah, Dan Curran and John Carlson were among those to beat Curry in the drill, although one of the NFL game officials monitoring practice flagged Curran for offensive pass interference.

Later in practice, Curry could have laid out Morrah. He let up at the last moment because the team was not wearing pads for this session.

Curry showed up for his post-practice media session carrying five helmets: his own and those belonging to Lofa Tatupu, Leroy Hill, David Hawthorne and Lance Laury.

Tatupu stayed in close contact with Curry throughout the rookie's absence, relaying what coaches were discussing in meetings. According to Curry, Tatupu even offered to meet with Curry at a nearby hotel to walk him through any new wrinkles. It never came to that, Curry said, because the staff didn't introduce anything too different from what they discussed during minicamps and organized team activities.

Curry said was "very scared" he would miss too much camp. He had told his agents he could wait only so long without getting a deal done, and that he felt Saturday was getting close to the end of that window. Even so, Curry said he had no idea a deal was near until the very end.

Posted by's Mike Sando

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RB 0/8 1/7 1/8 2/7
WR 2/10 1/10 2/11 0/11
TE 0/5 0/4 0/5 0/5
OL 2/14 3/14 5/16 1/13
DL 0/10 2/9 3/14 1/13
LB 2/11 1/12 2/10 2/9
DB 3/16 3/15 2/15 0/13
ST 0/4 0/5 0/3 0/5
9/82 12/81 15/86 6/80

NFC West teams have signed 42 undrafted free agents in preparation for post-draft minicamps beginning Friday.

Twenty-one play offense. Twenty-one play defense. Six come from the Big 12 Conference. Five come from the Big Ten, five from the SEC, four from the ACC and four from the Mountain West.

Great, but which ones will earn roster spots when NFL rules force teams to reduce rosters to 53 players Sept. 5? You tell me. I'll track the predictions made in the comments section of this item and shower praise upon the enlightened.

The chart shows how many undrafted rookies each NFC West team is carrying out of the total number of players at each position. For example, two of the Cardinals' 10 receivers are undrafted rookies. Zero of the Seahawks' 11 receivers are undrafted rookies. And so on.

Seattle is carrying nine linebackers, even with Leroy Hill on the roster. Two of the seven -- Mississippi's Tony Fein and Maryland's Dave Philistin -- are rookie free agents. Three others -- Lance Lawry, D.D. Lewis and David Hawthorne -- were not drafted.

The Rams have five undrafted rookie offensive linemen. They have 16 offensive linemen overall. Jason Smith, Jason Brown, Jacob Bell, Richie Incognito, Alex Barron and John Greco will presumably earn roster spots. Adam Goldberg and Mark Setterstrom could also be favorites. The team would likely keep a ninth offensive lineman. Roy Schuening? Or perhaps one of the rookies?

Also: I've updated the 26-column NFC West rosters to reflect the 49ers' rookie free agents and Hill's new deal with Seattle. Download here. I also added two sheets breaking down the rookie free agents in greater detail (cheat sheets for predicting which ones might stick).

Heads up: The Rams released quarterback Jeff Otis, giving them four quarterbacks. Defensive tackle Michael Marquardt was also released.