What can Bobby Carpenter offer Rams?

The Dolphins traded 2007 first-round choice Ted Ginn Jr. to the 49ers for little in return.





Miami seemed anxious to dump him.

The Rams and Cowboys are making similar moves by swapping 2005 first-round tackle Alex Barron for 2006 first-round linebacker Bobby Carpenter. Both players had worn out their welcomes.

The move makes sense for St. Louis on one level because Barron doesn't fit into the team's long-term plans, and he would have left after the 2010 season anyway. Might as well get something in return. Barron should have more value to the Cowboys than he would to the Rams because Dallas has shown an ability to piece together an effective offensive line using unwanted parts. Tackle Marc Colombo, disappointing as a first-round pick in Chicago, became a starter for the Cowboys. Guard Leonard Davis, disappointing as a first-round pick in Arizona, has gone to three Pro Bowls in three seasons since signing with the Cowboys.

What will the Cowboys get out of Barron?

"I think the bigger question is how will an organization like the Rams get more out of Bobby Carpenter than a franchise like the Cowboys were able to?" tre_fizzle responded to the question above.

Good question. I haven't watched Carpenter play much NFL linebacker because Carpenter hasn't been a regular starter. He owns three starts in four NFL seasons.

"I don’t see what St. Louis got out of the trade," Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. said during a phone conversation Monday. "Carpenter has been a complete bust. He feels like a linebacker without a position. He almost looks like a 3-4 outside linebacker. He was a good pass-rusher at Ohio State, but he is too stiff to be a true edge rusher and too stiff to be a 4-3 outside linebacker. I understand he is a former first-round pick, but I haven’t seen anything in the NFL that makes me think he can play linebacker."

Williamson sees this as a "great" trade for the Cowboys.

"I was with the Browns and I was in on interviews with Barron (coming out of college)," Williamson said. "He is not a self-starter. I can see why his act would get old. Getting out of St. Louis could do him a lot of good. Barron has legitimate first-round talent, he plays both tackle spots and the bottom line is he plays a much more demanding position. I just don't think you got anything back for the guy. I think Dallas became a much better football team and St. Louis became a slightly worse football team."