NFC West: Mike Pawlawski

Draft Round Pick Ruskell's Team Quarterback College Conference
1994 1 6
Bucs Trent Dilfer
Fresno St.
2 50 Bucs Shaun King
Tulane C-USA
3 85 Seahawks David Greene
Georgia SEC
4 86 Bucs Craig Erickson
Miami ACC
3 90 Falcons Matt Schaub
Virginia ACC
3 97 Bucs Chris Simms
Texas Big 12
8 222 Bucs Mike Pawlawski California Pac-10
7 234 Bucs Joe Hamilton
Georiga Tech

Posted by's Mike Sando

I'm a sucker for those true-crime shows where profilers develop rich character sketches to help identify and apprehend unknown suspects.

Couldn't we use similar tactics, though vastly simplified, to predict how NFL teams might view college prospects? With your help, I think we can do some amateur profiling of teams and their general managers.

We'll start with Seahawks GM Tim Ruskell and the quarterbacks his teams have drafted going back to 1992. Ruskell spent Thursday watching Geor
gia quarterback Matthew Stafford work out for scouts.

I do not make time to follow the college game closely. That's where you come in. I'd like you to look at the quarterbacks Ruskell's teams have drafted over the years -- listed by draft order in the chart -- and project where the current college prospects might fit. We can make adjustments for the offensive schemes the Bucs, Seahawks and Falcons were running.

In looking at the chart, we see several big-school quarterbacks who played in lots of games, winning a high percentage of them, while starting for at least three years. We see slower-footed quarterbacks in some cases. And we see only one, Trent Dilfer, drafted among the top 49 overall choices. That's a start. Now, where might the current prospects fit?