NFC West: Moss claimed by Titans

The St. Louis Rams watched every snap Randy Moss played for New England and Minnesota this season.

The team ultimately concluded Moss has "plenty left" to offer an NFL offense, but the "timing" and "situation" weren't right to claim Moss off waivers from the Vikings.

That was the word Thursday from general manager Billy Devaney via 101ESPN St. Louis.

Devaney resisted giving details. He indicated the Rams did speak with people who had worked with Moss this season, including even athletic trainers.

Left unsaid: whether Moss was amenable to playing for the Rams, whether Moss' salary was a significant factor, whether the team thought Moss might negatively influence team chemistry, etc.

Why NFC West passed on Randy Moss

November, 3, 2010
News the 5-3 Tennessee Titans landed Randy Moss means no team in the NFC West submitted a waiver claim for the former Minnesota Vikings receiver.

The move makes some sense for Tennessee because the Titans have a Week 9 bye to get Moss acclimated to their offense.

The St. Louis Rams and San Francisco 49ers also have Week 9 byes. The Rams in particular have a need at receiver. Why wouldn't either claim Moss? Why wouldn't any team from the NFC West take a chance on Moss?

Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo suggested his team was "doing its homework" on Moss.

That homework could have included finding out through back channels whether Moss would be receptive to joining the team. Other teams that passed on Moss could have been doing the same thing.

Moss can be a high-maintenance player anyway. Working with an unwilling Moss would have been more trouble than it was worth. ESPN's Adam Schefter says Moss wanted to play for the Titans and I'm sure that played into Tennessee's thinking.

The Titans still have two games against Houston and two against Indianapolis. Those games remain weeks and months away. Moss could play a role in the Titans winning those games and the AFC South, should his addition go to plan.