Hoop dreams an NFL nightmare

NFC West teams must be hoping the 35 players they drafted last week aren't hooping it up before minicamps.

My thoughts Tuesday: "I'm always a little surprised to hear NFL players talk about getting out on the basketball court. The risk for a serious ankle or knee injury would seemingly be too great, particularly playing against lesser athletes. Sounds like the Rams don't have to worry about (Sam) Bradford tearing up his knee on the hardwood."

Appearing on ESPN.com Wednesday: "Denver Broncos All-Pro left tackle Ryan Clady tore his patella tendon playing basketball, two league sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. Clady has told people he will miss three months, according to the sources."

Seems like there's enough risk in football without taking chances playing another sport in the offseason. If you've played much basketball at any level, you've probably injured an ankle or knee, or had your teeth knocked out or a nose broken. It just happens. This is a tough break for Clady and the Broncos, but no surprise under the circumstances.

Former Bills and Seahawks cornerback Nate Odomes famously suffered a severe knee during a charity basketball game in 1994. He missed the next two seasons and played only seven more games the rest of his career. A Bengals player suffered a torn Achilles' tendon playing basketball this offseason.

As Ricky Watters once said, "For who? For what?"