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Practice-squad update: Seahawks

August, 31, 2008
Seahawks eligible for
practice squad
Pos.Current Status
Owen SchmittFB53-man roster
Kevin HobbsCB53-man roster
Red BryantDT53-man roster
Lawrence JacksonDE53-man roster
Steve VallosC53-man roster
Ray WillisOL53-man roster
Mansfield WrottoOL53-man roster
Courtney TaylorWR53-man roster
John CarlsonTE53-man roster
David HawthorneLB53-man roster
Jordan KentWR53-man roster
Brandon CoutuK53-man roster
Logan PayneWR53-man roster
Justin ForsettRB53-man roster
Joe NewtonTEPractice squad
Jamar AdamsDBPractice squad
Kyle WilliamsOLPractice squad
Michael BumpusWRPractice squad
Marquis FloydDBPractice squad
Pat MurrayOLPractice squad
Kevin BrownDLPractice squad
David KirtmanFBPractice squad/SD
Nu'u TafisiDTWaived
Dallas SartzLBWaived
Ben ClaxtonCWaived
Trent SheltonWRWaived
Dalton BellQBWaived
Kelin JohnsonSWaived
Reggie HodgesPWaived
Nick JonesOLWaived

Posted by's Mike Sando

The Seahawks filled all but one of their practice-squad spots today, but fullback David Kirtman wasn't part of the group. Kirtman, a fifth-round choice from USC in 2006, signed with the Chargers' practice squad.

Seattle's backfield is crowded. The team carried six running backs on the initial 53-man roster. None of the seven practice-squad players was a running back.

Rookie seventh-round choices Justin Forsett and Brandon Coutu earned spots on the 53-man roster, but one could become a viable candidate for the practice squad if the team decided it couldn't afford to carry six running backs or two kickers.

The chart shows every Seahawks player with practice-squad eligibility. Safety Jamar Adams and receiver Michael Bumpus probably came closest to earning spots on the 53-man roster.

In the end, the Seahawks couldn't justify keeping a ninth defensive back. Kyle Williams, a tackle from USC, also showed promise working with new line coaches Mike Solari and Mike DeBord.

Unusual circumstances have left the Seahawks' roster in flux. Receivers Deion Branch and Bobby Engram remain sidelined, but both are counting against the roster limit. Jordan Babineaux and Rocky Bernard are healthy, but neither counts against the limit while serving a one-game suspension to open the season.

Practice-squad report: Seahawks

August, 29, 2008
Seahawks eligible for
practice squad
Pos.Probable Status
Owen SchmittFBKeeper
Kevin HobbsCBKeeper
Red BryantDTKeeper
Lawrence JacksonDEKeeper
Steve VallosCKeeper
Ray WillisOLKeeper
Mansfield WrottoOLKeeper
Courtney TaylorWRKeeper
John CarlsonTEKeeper
Jamar AdamsDBBubble
David HawthorneLBBubble
Kyle WilliamsOLBubble
Michael BumpusWRBubble
Jordan KentWRBubble
Brandon CoutuKBubble
Reggie HodgesPBubble
Logan PayneWRBubble
Justin ForsettRBBubble
Trent SheltonWRLikely cut
Dalton BellQBLikely cut
Joe NewtonTELikely cut
David KirtmanFBLikely cut
Marquis FloydDBLikely cut
Kelin JohnsonSLikely cut
Kevin BrownDLLikely cut
Nu'u TafisiDTLikely cut
Dallas SartzLBLikely cut
Ben ClaxtonCLikely cut
Nick JonesOLLikely cut
Pat MurrayOLLikely cut

Posted by's Mike Sando

Rosters spots are serious business for NFL players lacking job security. For some, the next 30 hours or so will determine whether they'll earn $17,352.94 per week or whatever the real world pays.

The minimum NFL salary is $295,000. Players get paid in 17 installments, one for every week they spend as a paid member of the organization.

NFL teams must trim rosters from 75 players to 53 players by Saturday afternoon. Teams can establish eight-man practice squads beginning Sunday. Practice-squad players earn a minimum of $5,200 per week during the regular season and playoffs.

Once a player signs with a practice squad, he can practice with the team. He becomes eligible to play in games only if a team signs him to its 53-man roster. Practice-squad players are free to sign with any team's active roster at any time during the season.

The chart shows each of the Seahawks' players with practice-squad eligibility, according to the team (I'll hit all the teams in the division as the day continues).

I was surprised to see Ray Willis' name on Seattle's list, but practice-squad rules can be confusing, and exceptions sometimes apply to relatively experienced players. In this case, Willis is a lock to earn a spot on the 53-man roster.

To be clear: Players need nine games on the 45-man (active) roster to burn their practice-squad eligibility, even if they have multiple accrued seasons, as Willis does.

I've categorized each player based on his perceived likelihood of earning a spot on the 53-man roster. Those are rough characterizations. Teams still have not made decisions. It's conceivable that a player listed as a "keeper" could face his release.

Mailbag: Seahawks, 49ers dominate

August, 16, 2008

Posted by's Mike Sando

John from Tucson, Ariz., writes: Mike, why cant the 49ers just admit they don't have a vaild starter at quarterback and look elsewhere? It's embarrassing as a fan to watch them kick field goals for their only points every game. Any possibility they can steal Kurt Warner from the Cardinals?

Mike Sando: I can't imagine the Cardinals dealing Warner within the division. Warner provides a terrific fallback option for the Cardinals if Matt Leinart falters. As for admitting they don't have a valid starter, the 49ers have done that by their actions. If they thought they had a legit starter, they would have named him by now.

Adam from Boston writes: Hey Mike. Whats the situation with Nate Burleson's contract? I know it was designed as a poison pill to exact revenge on Minnesota, and it seemed widely understood that it would have to be renegotiated in the future because it was so back loaded. Could this become an issue for the Hawks next year's off season?

Mike Sando: You are right about the nature of Burleson's contract, but the Seahawks reworked it in March 2007. Burleson's cap numbers are right around $4 million for 2008, 2009 and 2010. The 2010 season voids.

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