Common threads through Seattle WRs

The Seahawks have five tall receivers from the Pac-10 after signing former No. 1 draft choices Mike Williams and Reggie Williams following a three-day minicamp.

The Pac-10 connection is somewhat by chance. T.J. Houshmandzadeh (Oregon State) and Mike Hass (Oregon State) were already on the roster when the Seahawks hired coach Pete Carroll from USC.

But there's no question the Seahawks are getting bigger at the position. They have four receivers 6-foot-4 and taller. Eight of their 11 receivers are at least 6 feet tall.

Seattle has had tall receivers in the past, including Jordan Kent (6-4). But some of their key wideouts -- Bobby Engram (5-10) and Darrell Jackson (6-0) -- would be on the smaller side relative to the current group.

"Historically, if you look back at our past, we love big guys, and have had a lot of success with them and haven’t changed our attitude on that at all," Carroll told reporters Thursday.

Carroll also singled out Branch, suggesting he could play a significant role in the offense.

"I think he recognizes that and really embraced it and is excited about what is going on," Carroll said.

Seahawks receivers: Long and short of it