NFC West: playoff machine

Thanks to Facebook pal Rob for sharing an ESPN Playoff Machine scenario producing three NFC West teams in the playoffs.

This is exactly what we need to cap a wild day in the NFC West.

The way Rob drew it up, San Francisco became the third seed at 11-4-1. St. Louis was the fifth seed at 9-6-1. Seattle was the sixth seed at 9-7.

For this to happen, the Rams would beat Buffalo, Minnesota, Tampa Bay and Seattle. The 49ers would win all their remaining games except for one at New England. The Seahawks would beat Arizona and Buffalo before losing to the 49ers and Rams.

Rob isn't saying this is going to happen. He's just saying there's a chance.

Week 12 trip inside 2012 Playoff Machine

November, 25, 2012
ESPN's Playoff Machine returned recently, allowing users to project playoff seeding based on game outcomes.

The machine allows for picking outcomes on a game-by-game basis, or by general parameters. A quick look at how the NFC's top six would shake out based on those general parameters:
My advice would be to select one of the parameters above, such as highest winning percentage or highest power rankings. That will make most of the outcomes match up with general expectations. From there, you can adjust individual games to fine-tune your selections. Once finished, click on the "copy url" link to save your scenario.

Playoff Machine: Ah, the NFC scenarios

November, 28, 2011
A trip into ESPN's Playoff Machine with Week 12 nearly complete produced the following just-for-fun seeding orders for the NFC:
None of these scenarios will play out, of course, but the Playoff Machine allows users to tweak individual game results to their liking. The links in this item are not specific to this week. That means the results will change in the future.