Around the NFC West: Cards' naked truth

The Arizona Republic says Darnell Dockett's promise to shower for a webcam -- price: $1,000 -- has caught the Cardinals' attention. Said the Cardinals in a statement: "The team's aware of it. We've spoken to Darnell and it's being addressed." Addressed? Undressed? Whatever the case, Cardinals fans can take heart knowing the team is spending at least a small amount of its offseason considering what would happen if their Pro Bowl defensive end showed up nude online. This would be national news if Matt Leinart were the one promising Twitter followers to take off his clothes for cash. Dockett gets away with it because he plays at a high level, he isn't a quarterback and Dockett says similar things regularly, diminishing the shock value of any one comment.

Darren Urban of azcardinals.com offers this thought on Deuce Lutui's situation: "Neither he nor the team could have foreseen the (Alan) Faneca signing. No one thought the Jets were going to cut the guy. Once he was cut, however, the Cards — who had wanted him for a long time — got their man and changed the game. Like the unfortunate turn of events with the CBA that hurt Lutui’s leverage, the Faneca situation threw another wrench in Lutui’s situation."

Kevin Lynch of Niner Insider says the 49ers should consider using running back Michael Robinson more in Wildcat-type packages. Lynch: "Robinson could run the wildcat with his experience as a quarterback at Penn State. Robinson is also built similarly to Miami's Ronnie Brown, who runs the wildcat better than anybody. Robinson might be harder to bring down than any running back on the roster. He's a guy who could punish a defense. Bringing him in late in games should be considered." The better a team's quarterback becomes, the less frequently the team should take him off the field our take the ball from his hands. Using that thinking, the 49ers probably should have considered using Robinson and the Wildcat more frequently in recent seasons.

Phil Barber of the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat raises 49 questions heading into the 49ers' organized team activities. The first question: "Does Alex Smith look as confident and poised as everybody says he does?"

Roger Noll of the San Francisco Chronicle offers thoughts on the 49ers' stadium measure. Noll: "If the financial plan is accurate, the stadium will need less of a public subsidy than most recent NFL or Major League Baseball facilities. But the city is small, so the per capita cost would be high. Moreover, the plan is optimistic, so the city faces financial risks."

Ben Malcolmson of seahawks.com poses three questions to running backs coach Sherman Smith. Smith on the role of the fullback in the Seahawks' offense: "Those guys are really excited about it because they see the importance of the fullback position -- not just in the running game, but also in the passing game. They have a chance to be on the front side of runs and have a great effect on the success of a play. They love the challenge of what they have to do. They’re going to be involved in the passing game, and they realize that when the run game is successful, they’re going to be a big part of the reason why."

Gary Brower of the Holland Sentinel says former Seahawks offensive lineman Ron Essink is heading into his high school's hall of fame. Essink became an NFL starter after entering the league with Seattle as a 10th-round choice in 1980.

Sean Leahy of USA Today says the Rams are trying to put their 2009 season behind them. Offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur on quarterback Sam Bradford: "When Sam came in, I mentioned to him, 'You have got to fight to learn things to be the Day 1 starter.' And if that happens, great. If it doesn't, at least he tried to (start) is the important thing, and then we'll see what happens. Because with all positions on the field, we are going to play the best guy that gives us a chance to win football games. If Day 1 that's Sam, so be it. If it's Day 10 or Day 100, whatever point we get to with that, that's what we're going to do." The Rams kept 2009 first-round choice Jason Smith in a backup role through most of the offseason.