NFC West: Tank Johnson

Rosenhaus leads UFA agent scorecard

February, 18, 2010
The NFL's list of projected unrestricted free agents for 2010 included one column showing agents and another showing starts.

This made it easy to see which agents had the most projected UFA clients, and how many starts those clients averaged in 2009.

The result is the chart below. Drew Rosenhaus has more than 100 clients across the league, more than any agent. The NFL lists 15 of them on its projected UFA list, including Terrell Owens and three NFC West players (Randy McMicahel, Anthony Becht and Olindo Mare).

Agents Peter Schaffer and Brian Mackler are next on the list with seven projected UFA clients apiece, but no agent with at least four players listed can match Tony Agnone for players with lots of 2009 starts. Agnone's list features 16-game starters Casey Rabach, Kyle Vanden Bosch and Bobbie Williams, plus seven-game starter Michael Gaines.

The NFL has no agents listed for Phillip Daniels, Tully Banta-Cain, Leigh Bodden, Mike Furrey, Damion Cook, Tank Johnson and Matt Ware.

Jeff Feagles, Jeff Zgonina, Daunte Culpepper, Paul Spicer, Clinton Hart and Vernon Fox are listed as representing themselves.

Mailbag: Cardinals' QB after Warner

March, 13, 2009

Posted by's Mike Sando

Jeremy from Phoenix writes: Hey Mike. My question revolves around the Cards' QB situation when the post Warner era arrives. My personal opinion is that Matt Leinart isn't the guy. While he may have talent and could potentially be a good starter in the right situation, i just dont think his skills and style of play fit into what Coach Whiz is looking for.

I can't help but like what I have seen and heard about Josh Freeman. Correct me if im wrong on this one, Mike, but he reminds me alot of Ben Roethlisberger in that he is a big QB with a stong arm who can move around in the backfield and create plays downfield. My question is do you see Freeman being available at 31 and if so would it be a good move to take him at 31 and then make a draft day trade of Leinart to a team seeking a QB for additional mid round picks?

Mike Sando: I'm with you to an extent on Leinart and like what I've heard about Freeman, although it's unlikely the Cardinals will get a chance to draft him at No. 31.

The Cardinals' new deal with Warner makes it harder for them to find out whether Leinart is their man for the longer term.

Just as the 49ers cannot proceed as though Alex Smith will definitely be The Man at some point, the Cardinals can't put their future in Leinart's hands without buying some insurance. Their pledge to let Brian St. Pierre challenge for the No. 2 job was telling.

That said, I think the Cardinals could make better use of the 31st pick than to use it on a quarterback. They aren't going to carry four quarterbacks, after all, so they would have to move Leinart or St. Pierre to make that work. And I think the team has a more immediate needs elsewhere, including at running back, so if the value lines up at one of those positions, the Cardinals probably need to seize the opportunity.

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