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Mailbag: Projecting Cardinals' record

August, 28, 2008

Posted by's Mike Sando

Chris from Denver writes: Mike, If Warner is named the starter, what is the record? Your thoughts on Hightower?

Mike Sando: The Cardinals are improved on paper, but their finishing schedule is rough. I could see another 8-8 season, not a step back but an indication the franchise needs to continue building, particularly on the offensive line. The final seven games include the Seahawks (road), Giants, Eagles (road), Rams, Vikings, Patriots (road) and Seahawks.

Let's go through the Cardinals' schedule and project each game on feel:

  1. Win at 49ers
  2. Win vs. Dolphins
  3. Lose at Redskins
  4. Lose at Jets
  5. Win vs. Bills
  6. Lose vs. Cowboys
  7. Bye
  8. Lose at Panthers
  9. Win at Rams
  10. Win vs. 49ers
  11. Lose at Seahawks
  12. Win vs. Giants
  13. Lose at Eagles
  14. Win vs. Rams
  15. Win vs. Vikings
  16. Lose at Patriots
  17. Lose vs. Seahawks

We could go back and forth on a few of these games. The choices I made seemed reasonable. We might give the Cardinals a victory over Seattle in Week 17, but we might also take away the projected home victory over the Giants, who played tough on the road last season, etc. We might give the Cardinals a victory at Carolina, but a home loss against the Vikings, or a split with the Rams and/or 49ers.

Feedback is appreciated. I do like going through and projecting each game. It's a fun but not necessarily reliable way of projecting records. So many other things come into play, from injuries to emotions to the natural ebb and flow of a season.

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