NFC West: University of Washington

Mora makes it official: UW not an option

October, 31, 2008

Posted by's Mike Sando

Seahawks secondary coach Jim Mora released a statement ending speculation that he might become a candidate for the coaching vacancy at the University of Washington.

Taking the Washington job wasn't feasible after Mora signed a contract to become head coach of the Seahawks beginning in 2009.

The statement released Friday addresses what has become mostly a regional phenomenon in the Northwest, namely the notion that Mora might rather coach at his alma mater than for the Seahawks. The statement pretty much ends the discussion.

Posted by's Mike Sando

Not much new came from Jim Mora's conversation with reporters after Seahawks practice Thursday, but Clare Farnsworth of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer does offer one tidbit: Mora's deal to become the Seahawks' next head coach does not include an out clause letting him explore the coaching vacancy at the University of Washington.

The questions about Mora and the job at his alma mater stem from the infamous radio interview in which Mora called coaching the Huskies his dream job. The comments contributed to Mora's ouster as Falcons coach.

As time has passed, I've become less convinced that the comments meant Mora would rather coach at Washington than serve as a head coach in the NFL. There was certainly room for reasonable people to think otherwise. But he might have been simply bantering on the air with radio host and former college roommate Hugh Millen. He chose his words poorly and paid a price.

Mora wants to avoid saying anything that might detract from Mike Holmgren's final season as head coach. He wants to avoid misspeaking this time. The Seahawks have consistently made him off-limits to questions about his future beyond this season. I'm sure Mora will address this story at some point. For now, however, the timing apparently isn't right.

Mailbag: 49ers better than expected?

September, 5, 2008

Posted by's Mike Sando

Dan from Lafayette, Calif., writes: Mike, last year the 49ers were the sexy pick to win the division or gain a Wild Card spot. They flopped mainly because of horrible QB play which resulted in no offensive production and a dead-tired defense. This year, with the team being improved on both sides of the ball and with some competent QB play from O'Sullivan, why can't the 49ers pull off 8 wins? If anything, they're a better team now than they were last year when they were the trendy pick.

Mike Sando: I wouldn't assume J.T. O'Sullivan will provide competent quarterback play. He might, but we have no evidence of that, unless you're going to rely upon a couple of preseason games against vanilla defenses. The 49ers turned to O'Sullivan almost by default after Alex Smith and Shaun Hill failed to seize the job. Again, he might become a very good quarterback. I just would not assume that.

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