NFC West: where NFL West teams rank

Where NFC West teams rank: Week 12

November, 29, 2011
A few notes on where NFC West teams rank in various statistical categories through Week 12:
  • Arizona Cardinals (won at Rams): on offense, rose nine spots to 19th in rushing yards per game; on defense, rose four spots to 20th in rushing yards allowed per game, rose four spots to No. 19 in Total QBR against
  • St. Louis Rams (lost vs. Cardinals): on offense, dropped three spots to 21st in rushing yards per game; on defense, remained 32nd in rushing yards allowed, rose three spots to 16th in yards per pass attempt allowed, rose eight spots to 19th in takeaways, rose five spots to 18th in NFL passer rating allowed.
  • San Francisco 49ers (lost at Ravens): on offense, dropped six spots to 26th in yards per game and eight spots to 29th in sacks allowed per pass attempt; on defense, fell two spots to 21st in sacks per pass attempt, fell four spots to 10th in Total QBR against.
  • Seattle Seahawks (lost vs. Redskins): on offense, rose four spots to 28th in sacks allowed per pass attempt; on defense, fell three spots to 11th in rushing yards allowed, fell three spots to 16th in passing yards per attempt allowed, three spots to 14th in Total QBR against and three spots to 25th in sacks per pass attempt.

The charts show current rankings, ordered by points per game.

The 49ers continue to lead the NFL in fewest points allowed despite suffering their second defeat of the season in Week 12.