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Mailbag: 'Hypocrite' status alleged

October, 30, 2008

Posted by's Mike Sando

Mike from Chicago writes: Just in case you don't read this in the comments: So, Sando, you end your column by calling out one of your readers to send his full name, address and phone number to pass along to an NFL player that you think would be upset with his comments. Have you told Mike Singletary to his face that you think his postgame comments were bizarre and detrimental to the team? Hypocrite.

Mike Sando: Whoa, looks like the intended tone was lost in the written word. That stuff about Lofa Tatupu was written tongue-in-cheek. I'm careful about not making criticisms personal. That tends to be a good policy. I've also been open to other views on the Singletary rant and discussed it at length in the comments section of the item.

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Mailbag: The case for Deacon Jones

September, 4, 2008

Posted by's Mike Sando

Bill from Pearl River writes: It is inconcievable to think that Deacon Jones did not get the best ever all-time Ram player ever! I'm a lifetime 48 yr old Ram fan from NY and I loved Faulk(played half with Colts) but there is nobody even close to the Daec! when and who voted for this? Was it the typical 22 yr old uneducated ESPN junkie? or was it the equally uneducated media?

Mike Sando: My unofficial exit polling showed 44 percent of poll respondents owned advanced degrees in engineering or biological sciences. Another 32 percent were published NFL historians. Seriously, though, what about Merlin Olsen?

Will from Salem, Mass., writes: Mike, thanks for the insights all summer on the NFC West teams and specifically the Rams. Regarding predicting their '08 record, I think you're close. I see them as 7-9. Game-by-game is hard to predict, but I see 3-3 vs. the NFC West, 1-3 vs. the NFC East, 1-3 vs. the AFC East, and 2-0 vs. Chicago and Atlanta. 6 and 8 wins are both possible, but either one depends on if the Rams are healthier or more injured than average.

Mike Sando: Thanks, Will. I actually picked the Rams as a wild-card team last season. I was looking for a team that would break through somewhat unexpectedly. I narrowed my choices to the Packers and Rams. We all know how that one turned out. The Rams wound up using 18 combinations on their offensive line. As a result, I might be a little gun-shy on the Rams this season. Their depth isn't very good, it appears, and the schedule seems to stack up unfavorably early in the season.

John from Bremerton writes: do you think the seahawks will unload T.J. Duckett before the second or third game? He seems like a player who will be the odd man out since between Leonard Weaver and Omar Schmitt they seem to have three short yardage go to guys

Mike Sando: That would surprise me. The Seahawks clearly signed Duckett with more than one season in mind. That's why they gave him guarantees in 2009. Maurice Morris' contract is up after this season. Duckett gives them another potential guy to share carries with Julius Jones.

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