Rookie Review: Glennon to start for Bucs 

September, 25, 2013

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a new starting quarterback: Mike Glennon. He was the Bucs' third-round pick in 2013, and Glennon's best asset is his arm strength. He can fit the ball into tight spaces throwing underneath, and he can drive the ball downfield when he steps into throws. If he can be more consistent with his downfield touch than he was at North Carolina State, he should develop into an excellent deep-ball thrower.

That’s an intriguing prospect for a team that has the power-run game to set up its play-action package. The Buccaneers also have one of the more dangerous vertical threats in the league, WR Vincent Jackson. Glennon is accurate throwing underneath, and his ability to lead receivers puts them in great position to produce after the catch. At 6-foot-7, Glennon has a high release point, which reduces the chances of his short-to-intermediate passes getting tipped by pass-rushers.