Dez Bryant can't bring himself to see full replay of non-catch

Dez: 'Desperate to get back out here'

Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant talks about his excitement to be back with the team after the process of getting a new deal in the offseason.

OXNARD, Calif. -- Nearly seven months after the fact, Dez Bryant has not seen a replay -- the full one anyway -- of his overturned catch in the Dallas Cowboys’ loss in the divisional round of the playoffs to the Green Bay Packers.

“I’ll watch it, I’ll see the catch and, as I’m coming down, I never watch the whole play. I turn it off,” Bryant said. “That’s true.”

The NFL has attempted to clarify what is a catch after much debate as to whether Bryant came down with the ball on Tony Romo's fourth-down pass to the Packers' 1. The rule now states a receiver must establish himself as a runner rather than just make a football move. He also must have control of the ball and both feet in bounds.

The Cowboys contended then and now that Bryant established himself and was reaching for the goal line as he went to the ground.

"You know people are going to think whatever they want to think," Bryant said. "I let it go. I dwelled on it for a whole month. It's out of my system. It just made me want to work harder."

Anything he would have done differently?

"You know I can sit here and talk what I could've done differently a million and one different ways," Bryant said. "I just hate how it went down. But I know it won't ever come down to no situation like that again. It'll be totally secure."