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EARTH CITY, Mo. -- The St. Louis Rams revealed their 10-man practice squad Monday afternoon as they head toward Sunday's season opener against the Minnesota Vikings.

The 10 players on the practice squad are linebacker Denicos Allen, receiver Emory Blake, safety Christian Bryant, defensive tackle Matt Conrath, safety Matt Daniels, quarterback Garrett Gilbert, tackle Sean Hooey, linebacker Kevin Reddick, receiver Justin Veltung and guard Brandon Washington.

As coach Jeff Fisher hinted Saturday afternoon, the Rams went heavy at positions like linebacker and safety, where they don't have a lot of depth on the active roster, which ultimately left defensive end Michael Sam off the list. The Rams have five defensive ends on the 53-man roster.

Of the 10 players to stick around on the practice squad, only the two linebackers did not spend the preseason with the Rams. Allen spent training camp with the Carolina Panthers after entering the league as an undrafted free agent out of Michigan State. Reddick spent time with the New Orleans Saints last year and through this preseason.

The other eight spent the offseason and preseason with the Rams.
EARTH CITY, Mo. -- For the third consecutive year, the St. Louis Rams look like they will be the youngest team in the NFL.

According to a yearly study from after team's trim their rosters to their initial 53 players, the Rams once again have the youngest team in the league with an average age of 25.09.

In the past three years, the Rams have clearly been the league's youngest team, but what's interesting is they haven't exactly been older in consecutive years despite sticking to their youth movement.

When Rams coach Jeff Fisher and general manager Les Snead took over in 2012, they cleaned house and made it clear they aren't afraid to roll with young players in prominent positions. That first year, they went from one of the league's oldest team to the youngest at an average age of 25.32 years.

They stuck to the plan last year and were actually younger with an average age of 24.96 years. They are a little older this year, but not as old as they were in 2012.

Regardless, there is something to be said for the Rams having a plan and sticking to it. There are no awards for being the youngest team in the league, but a lot of franchises pay lip service to the idea of building through the draft then panic and change the plan when things don't go well.

It's a bit easier for the Rams to stick to the plan with an experienced coach like Fisher in charge, but it should also be clear that youth is no longer an excuse for this team.

The Rams are young by design, but they also have a lot of players with plenty of playing experience. In fact, the Rams might only have one rookie -- cornerback E.J. Gaines -- in the starting lineup on opening day, and if they do, it's because of an injury to certain starter Trumaine Johnson.

Snead likes to refer to the mistakes of his young team as "spilling milk" and has said he hopes that two years of spilling milk leads to much less in 2014.

It will have to if the Rams' plan to break through this season is to come to fruition.

Fisher plans to meet with Sam

August, 30, 2014
Aug 30
EARTH CITY, Mo. -- The St. Louis Rams released 21 players in the past two days and coach Jeff Fisher met with every one of them except the most prominent: defensive end Michael Sam.

Through no fault of either party, Fisher and Sam could not meet Friday or Saturday. Sam spent Friday evening and Saturday in Columbia, Missouri, watching his alma mater Missouri open the season against South Dakota State. So Fisher had to relay the news of Sam's release to him via phone Saturday afternoon.

But Fisher has a longstanding tradition of meeting with each player to break the news of their release in person. That means he'll make it a point to meet with Sam on Sunday.

"Mike mentioned to you guys and to us that he wanted to go to Mizzou and we were fine with that," Fisher said. "I had a conversation with Mike about an hour ago and our intention is to get together tomorrow so I can tell him the same thing I told everybody else that got let go, the reasons for that and then what their worlds look like moving forward. Mike and I will get together tomorrow and talk about those things."

Among the topics for discussion will be Sam's future in St. Louis and in the league. Sam will be on the waiver wire until noon ET Sunday, leaving teams the chance to claim him before he'd be eligible to sign to a practice squad.

Fisher made no guarantees of Sam securing a spot on the 10-man practice squad because of the team's needs for more bodies at other positions.

"The practice squad is heavily dependent on what you do in other positions," Fisher said. "We've got, for example, it's well noted that [CB] Trumaine [Johnson] is going to be down for a few weeks, [C/G] Barrett [Jones] is going to be down for a few weeks. We may have to go heavy in the other positions. If you're familiar with our roster right now, we've got five linebackers, for example; we need linebackers on the practice squad. I'm not going to go into what his odds are or what those opportunities are until we sift through things tomorrow.”

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- From the moment the St. Louis Rams used the 249th pick in May's NFL draft on defensive end Michael Sam, there was never any doubt that he'd have an uphill climb to win a roster spot on the team's deepest unit.

In so many ways, St. Louis was the perfect place for Sam. It's two hours from the University of Missouri, where he played his college football. There's a built-in fan base of the many Missouri alums in the St. Louis area. Owner Stan Kroenke is also an alum and maintains a home in Columbia. Former teammates such as center Tim Barnes and cornerback E.J. Gaines are already on the roster.

But in the way that mattered most -- the football way -- it was always going to be hard for Sam to make the roster. He found out just how difficult that was Saturday afternoon when the Rams announced Sam was one of the 21 players the team released.

[+] EnlargeSam
Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images"I was pulling for Mike, I really was. ... Mike came in here and did everything we asked him to do," Rams coach Jeff Fisher said of Michael Sam.
Before Sam even arrived in St. Louis, the Rams had eight defensive linemen essentially locked into roster spots. They've kept nine in each of the past two seasons, but Sam faced tough competition from undrafted rookie Ethan Westbrooks for that ninth spot.

"When we drafted Michael, we mentioned that it was going to be a tough road," coach Jeff Fisher said. "Those four defensive ends we have on the roster are good. And they’re very productive. As well as the tackles. That’s the strength of our football team. But again, it was a football decision."

It was a football decision that ultimately boiled down to two things: whether Sam could beat out Westbrooks and, barring that, impressing the coaches enough to persuade them to go even heavier on the line by keeping 10.

The competition between Westbrooks and Sam started out relatively even. Sam was a seventh-round pick, but Westbrooks was the team's prized find in rookie free agency as he received the largest signing bonus among the team's undrafted rookies.

Sam and Westbrooks dueled in the preseason, posting similar stats in the four games and playing more snaps than the other defensive linemen. But as the preseason wore on, it was clear Westbrooks offered every bit as much talent in a more versatile package.

"He was very, very productive in the preseason for us and played all four spots," Fisher said. "He’s a very, very talented young player that I think has a really good future."

With Westbrooks stating a case too good for the Rams to ignore, Sam's best shot to make the roster came down to whether the team wanted to keep 10 defensive linemen, a number well above the usual standard.

Although Sam played well enough to prove he belongs in the NFL, he wasn't so overwhelming that the Rams couldn't keep him. He played almost exclusively as a left defensive end, and any hopes that he could gain an edge by working on special teams never materialized.

Given the injuries to cornerback Trumaine Johnson and offensive lineman Barrett Jones and the need to keep an extra body at those spots, keeping 10 was just not palatable.

"Nine defensive linemen on a roster is a significant number, especially when you are a four-down lineman team," Fisher said. "Nine is a number that you look at to start the season. If you go with 10, then you are going to be short someplace else, and we are just not there."

The Rams could be is in a position to put Sam on the practice squad if he clears waivers. We'll find out Sunday at noon ET whether he will. Fisher declined to comment on the practice squad, but a league source said the team would like to keep Sam there if possible. Either way, that's no sure thing.

"I was pulling for Mike, I really was," Fisher said. "I don’t say that very often, but I was. Mike came in here and did everything we asked him to do."

Indeed, Fisher isn't exaggerating when he says Sam was not a distraction and his time in St. Louis was all about football. And football was the reason that his time on the roster came to an end Saturday afternoon.

St. Louis Rams cut-down analysis

August, 30, 2014
Aug 30
videoMost significant move: From the moment the St. Louis Rams drafted him, it was no secret it would be difficult for defensive end Michael Sam to make the 53-man roster. Despite a strong preseason, Sam was released. This was simply a matter of the numbers working against him. The Rams kept nine defensive linemen on the depth chart, including the eight we already knew were well-positioned. The ninth spot was up for grabs but ultimately went to Ethan Westbrooks. His versatility and strong daily effort was simply too much for Sam to overcome. Now the Rams will wait and see if Sam clears waivers so they can bring him back to the practice squad.

Light at linebacker: It's no surprise the Rams cut four linebackers, leaving only five on the current roster. Though they are likely to continue searching for a sixth linebacker to add some depth, none of the rookies vying for a spot did enough to earn a spot. The Rams gave Phillip Steward plenty of chances to make a case to be on the roster, but he couldn't take advantage. Don't be surprised if the Rams add to the position before the opener against Minnesota.

Quarterback quandary: Again, nobody will be taken aback by the team's decision to cut sixth-round quarterback Garrett Gilbert. He wasn't able to provide the consistency needed to win a spot, though the team could bring him back to the practice squad. But since starter Sam Bradford was lost for the season, the plan has been to add another quarterback with some experience. Even if the Rams had kept Gilbert on the roster, it was almost certainly as a place-holder until they can find a veteran capable of backing up starter Shaun Hill.

What's next: The Rams will spend Saturday evening and Sunday morning piecing together their 10-man practice squad. Many of the practice squad players will be those released by the team in the past week. Some candidates include tackle Sean Hooey, defensive tackle Deantre Harlan, linebacker Lawrence Wilson, cornerback Greg Reid, guard Travis Bond and receiver Austin Franklin.

Rams moves: Released WR Emory Blake, G Bond, DE Kourtnei Brown, S Christian Bryant, DT Matt Conrath, S Avery Cunningham, WR Franklin, QB Gilbert, DT Harlan, LB Aaron Hill, T Hooey, DB Reid, LB Etienne Sabino, DE Sam, TE Brad Smelley, LB Steward, T Mitchell Van Dyk, WR Justin Veltung, OL Brandon Washington, LB Wilson and CB Darren Woodard.

WR Stedman Bailey will be placed on the reserve/suspended list for first four games.
EARTH CITY, Mo. -- The St. Louis Rams are taking their final roster decisions down to the wire as Saturday's 4 p.m. ET deadline to reach a 53-man roster approaches.

But Friday afternoon into Saturday, the team began making moves to get close. They've released 17 players already and will be able to place receiver Stedman Bailey on the reserve/suspended list for the first four games. That leaves the Rams with just four more moves to make to get from 75 to 53.

Released so far: WR Emory Blake, G Travis Bond, DE Kourtnei Brown, S Avery Cunningham, WR Austin Franklin, QB Garrett Gilbert, DT Deantre Harlan, LB Aaron Hill, OT Sean Hooey, CB Greg Reid, LB Etienne Sabino, TE Brad Smelley, LB Phillip Steward, OT Mitchell Van Dyk, WR Justin Veltung, LB Lawrence Wilson and CB Darren Woodard.

So with four moves to make, the Rams have some tough decisions as they try to balance the numbers with special teams with their efforts to keep the 53 best players on the team.

There are a few places they are still heavy.

At tight end, the Rams still have five players. They will likely keep four, leaving them a decision between Justice Cunningham and Alex Bayer. According to Jim Thomas, of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Cunningham suffered an ankle injury against Miami on Thursday night. That could easily mean Bayer makes the roster and the Rams make a move with Cunningham.

In the secondary, the Rams currently have 11 players on the roster including six cornerbacks. I expect them to keep six because of the injuries to Trumaine Johnson (knee) and Brandon McGee (ankle). But five safeties is probably too many. T.J. McDonald, Rodney McLeod and Maurice Alexander are locks. Cody Davis and Christian Bryant might be in a battle for what could be a final spot with special teams a strong factor.

At defensive line, the Rams have 11 currently on the roster with eight set in their spots. That leaves Ethan Westbrooks, Michael Sam and Matt Conrath jockeying for position. At this point, Westbrooks looks to be locked in. Conrath has been battling an undisclosed injury, which could require additional maneuvering in the form of a settlement if the Rams wish to part ways with him.

On the offensive line, Barrett Jones presents the biggest conundrum. He had back surgery and is out for an extended period. The Rams could place him on injured reserve if they don't believe he'll be back in a reasonable amount of time. If they choose to keep him, it would mean keeping 10 linemen, as they did last year.

And, at running back, the Rams have five currently on the roster but it's entirely possible they'll keep it that way. They carried five last season and Trey Watts and Chase Reynolds both have strong cases to stick.

We'll find out officially at today's 4 p.m. ET deadline.

Where things stand with Michael Sam

August, 30, 2014
Aug 30
EARTH CITY, Mo. -- The St. Louis Rams made 17 cuts on Friday, leaving them five roster moves short of having their initial 53-man roster pieced together.

There were no surprises in the first group of cuts, but there are some things worth noting that could play in favor of defensive end Michael Sam.

[+] EnlargeMichael Sam
Nick Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty ImagesWill defensive end Michael Sam make the St. Louis Ram's 53-man roster?
Here's a quick look at where things stand as the Rams work toward finalizing a decision on whether to keep or cut Sam. They'll have to do that by 4 p.m. ET today with coach Jeff Fisher scheduled to address the media at 4:30 p.m. ET.

Things working in Sam's favor:

-- Amongst the Rams' first 17 cuts were one quarterback and four linebackers. That's significant in the sense the Rams now have just two quarterbacks and five linebackers on the roster. Theoretically, they could move forward with those numbers at those spots. If they do, going lighter on numbers at those positions could leave an opening for the Rams to go heavy on the defensive line and retain both Ethan Westbrooks and Sam.

-- Ten is a big number on the defensive line, but it could be a necessity given the team's injuries at end. William Hayes is still working his way back from offseason surgeries. He's practiced but did not appear in any preseason games. Hayes looks like he could be ready for the opener but the Rams could take the precaution of having more insurance in the meantime. Eugene Sims is also battling an injury. He didn't practice last week and sat out the preseason finale against Miami with a brace on his leg. The status of both players remains to be seen, but if the Rams do have concerns that either or both could be ready, it could work in Sam's favor.

-- Sam's performance in preseason games showed he can play in this league. He had 11 tackles and three sacks in those four contests and even offered some production against the run in the finale against Miami. He's one of the 53 best players on this team and teams often try to keep the 53 best guys if they can find a way to make the numbers work.

Things working against Sam:

-- While injuries to Sims and Hayes could work in Sam's favor, there are other injuries that could work against him. Namely, the Rams are banged up at cornerback and will miss starter Trumaine Johnson for four-to-six weeks. Brandon McGee is also dealing with an ankle injury. The Rams cut some corners Friday but they're almost certainly going to have to carry six going into the season. The offensive line offers similar concerns with Barrett Jones working his way back from back surgery. The Rams could do some other things with Jones besides carrying him on the 53-man roster but if they don't, his inability to play right away will require the Rams to carry another body at the spot.

-- When this all started, special teams looked like a way for Sam to add to his value in his efforts to make the roster. Now, it might work against him. If the Rams are light on linebackers, they might have to go heavier somewhere like safety or receiver so they can have additional bodies to run down kicks and punts. Sam simply doesn't fit that type of role.

-- It's important to remember that these are not final rosters. These are initial rosters. Things can change as the days go by. The Rams have openly acknowledged they'll be looking for a veteran quarterback and will do the same at linebacker. So while the Rams are light in those spots now, that isn't necessarily a permanent condition.

#NFLRank: No. 6 Robert Quinn

August, 29, 2014
Aug 29
EARTH CITY, Mo. -- The annual #NFLRank project got underway last week as a panel of 85 NFL analysts across ESPN's many platforms went through the process of ranking the Top 100 players in the league on each side of the ball.

 Though Thursday, three St. Louis Rams -- linebacker James Laurinaitis (No. 93 defense), left tackle Jake Long (No. 63 offense) and defensive end Chris Long (No. 37 defense) -- had cracked the list. On Friday's final day, the list revealed the highest-ranked Ram, defensive end Robert Quinn.

Quinn made the biggest jump of any player in this year's rankings, moving from unranked last year to No. 6 on defense this year.

Defense, No. 6, Robert Quinn

Stats & Info: Quinn led the NFC with 19 sacks last season, the most by a Ram since sacks became official in 1982. Quinn's seven forced fumbles also led the NFC last season.

My take: Although Quinn made quite a leap in this year's rankings and being called the sixth best defensive player in the league is no slight, I can't help but feel like Quinn is too low on this list. I suppose you could make the argument that he needs a little more of a body of work before he can crack the top five, but these rankings are based on the here and now. I have the privilege of seeing Quinn every day so maybe that clouds my view, but I doubt there's a defensive player in the league that has the combination of production and upside that Quinn showed coming out of last season. I personally would have Quinn only behind Houston's J.J. Watt, who is at No. 1 on the list, and Seattle safety Earl Thomas, who is No. 3. I have little doubt that Quinn's trajectory will only continue to point him upwards as these rankings continue. What's scary for the rest of the NFL is he's only 24 and still scratching the surface of what he can do.

St. Louis Rams' projected roster

August, 29, 2014
Aug 29
Examining the St. Louis Rams' roster:

(Note: WR Stedman Bailey is expected to make the team but is suspended for the first four games of the season and will not count on the initial 53-man roster.)

The devastating loss of quarterback Sam Bradford leaves the Rams with just the three players mentioned above on the roster. Davis is the No. 2 for now but the Rams will keep their eyes open for a veteran to add experience. These three could make the initial cut but the most likely scenario is they keep Hill and Davis and Gilbert goes to the practice squad after they locate a veteran.

Chase Reynolds is difficult to leave off because of his value on special teams, but Watts has just offered too much upside for the offense and willingness on special teams to be left off. It wouldn't surprise if the Rams kept both but it's hard to do this without at least including Watts.


With Bailey suspended the first four weeks, the Rams could take a longer look at another wideout for the first quarter of the season but there isn't one who has really emerged as worthy. Givens reminded many why he deserves to stick against the Browns but Pettis has been nearly invisible. Without Bailey, it stands to reason Pettis would stay but upon Bailey's return, that could change.


The first three are probably pretty safe, but the Rams could have an intriguing competition for a potential fourth tight end if they opt to keep four. Cunningham versus Alex Bayer continues to be one of the more interesting battles on the roster. Cunningham is the better blocker, while Bayer has shown more as a pass-catcher. It's really difficult to determine which flavor the Rams prefer but I'm going back to Cunningham because of his value as a blocker on special teams.


The Rams have serious questions about their depth on the offensive line. Barrett Jones' situation remains in flux and few of the backups have stood out. It's hard to project the depth beyond Joseph and Barnes but the guess here is the Rams do something to stash Jones and save the roster spot then opt for Person and Bond in a tight race over Brandon Washington and Sean Hooey.


This is the toughest decision on the roster right now. Westbrooks and Michael Sam have both done enough in camp and the preseason to stake a claim to a spot. At this point, it would be a surprise if Westbrooks didn't make it. Jeff Fisher has hinted at a different look in terms of roster composition this year and it's not out of the realm of possibility they could keep both. It's hard to project where they could chop elsewhere to create space, though. The other X factor here is the health of Hayes and Sims. Neither played against Miami and Hayes has yet to appear in a preseason game. Perhaps that could open the door for both Sam and Westbrooks to stay.


Barring injury, it's hard to imagine a scenario in which the first five don't make it. But the sixth spot is more of a question mark. That spot is anybody's guess. Steward stays there for now but Lawrence Wilson and Aaron Hill could surprise. And the Rams will definitely scour the waiver wire for others.


With Johnson out four to six weeks, this looks like the spot that could keep Sam from making the roster. The Rams will have to carry Johnson on the roster but will probably need to keep another body for depth in the meantime. It's not easy to choose one from the group of Roberson, Greg Reid and Darren Woodard. Roberson has flashed the most in coverage, Reid is the best tackler and Woodard is sort of the happy medium between the two. We'll go with Roberson because he's gotten the most opportunities, an indication the coaching staff likes his potential.


Put simply, the Rams don't have anyone else who has showed enough to earn a spot and Joyner could play safety in a pinch. Alexander and Davis are core special-teams players.


These three are set in stone.

Seattle Seahawks' projected roster

August, 29, 2014
Aug 29
Examining the Seattle Seahawks' roster:

Whether or not to keep Pryor may be the most difficult decision the Seahawks have because keeping a third QB means they will have to cut someone else at another spot they would have kept. But Pryor may have done enough in his return to Oakland Friday night to earn the spot. He was 11 of 17 passing for 134 yards overall, including a 33-yard TD pass to cap an 87-yard drive at the end of the first half. B.J. Daniels also played well, leading the team on a 91-yard drive late in the fourth quarter and throwing a 7-yard TD pass to Bryan Walters.


Michael didn't play Friday night because of a hamstring injury, but Turbin has done enough to earn the first backup spot behind Lynch. I don't think Spencer Ware has done enough to earn a spot at RB or FB. Rookie Demitrius Bronson ran well again Friday night and could end up on the practice squad.


Coleman has played well as the starting FB and continues to improve his blocking skills. The other fullback is rookie Kiero Small (5-foot-8, 250 pounds), who could end up on the practice squad. Turbin can line up at FB if needed.


Four of these spots are set -- Harvin, Baldwin, Kearse and Richardson, the rookie speedster from Colorado. But eight players are vying for the final two spots, or maybe just one. Kevin Norwood, a rookie from Alabama, had foot surgery and may be headed to a redshirt season on IR. Lockette and Walters are the likely candidates for the last two spots. Walters fumbled a kickoff return Friday, but he also had the TD catch from Daniels, along with a great catch on a 33-yard throw from Pryor. And Walters had five kickoff returns for 137 yards. He also returns punts. Lockette's 4.3 speed helps make him a excellent coverage guy on punts and kickoffs. Phil Bates looked good in training camp and helped himself with the 33-yard TD catch Friday, but it may not be enough.


The question here is whether the Seahawks want to keep three tight ends. You would think on a team that relies on its power running game, that would be a given. However, the Seahawks often used OT Alvin Bailey as a tight end (or extra tackle) on running plays toward the end of last season. It looked like Helfet had the third TE spot locked down, but he injured his shoulder last week and didn't play Friday night. Undrafted rookie Rashaun Allen or rookie Morrell Presley could end up in the practice squad.


All the decisions here are about which men will be the four backups. Any doubts about whether Britt could step in and start at RT as a rookie have been put to rest. Bailey and Jeanpierre probably are locked in so that leaves two available spots. One could go to the veteran Winston, who will cost the Seahawks $1 million, but he can give them quality snaps at either tackle spot. The other backup has to be a guard so it could come down to Stephen Schilling or Caylin Hauptmann. Last week I had Schilling, but now I think Hauptmann may get that backup guard spot. Schilling grew up in the Seattle area and was signed in the offseason. He has shown he also can play center. Hauptmann has a bit of a mean streak that offensive line coach Tom Cable loves. The coaches are high of rookie tackle Garry Gilliam, a quality athlete who also played tight end at Penn State. He may be headed to the practice squad.


Really tough cut coming here. After outstanding play all preseason, Schofield has earned his spot as a nickel-package pass rusher. DE Benson Mayowa is on the bubble. Scruggs’ return after missing last season will help the depth because he can play defensive end or defensive tackle. The Seahawks are high on rookie defensive end Marsh, who will factor in in nickel packages. Rookie Jimmy Staten probably goes to the practice squad. Hill has his best preseason game Friday night, as did DT D'Anthony Smith, but someone has to go.


This comes done to what happens with Irvin, who hasn't been on the field yet this summer after undergoing hip surgery, but he is expected back next week. It's bad news for Korey Toomer if Irvin is ready to play. Coyle has been the biggest surprise at camp. He has started at MLB while Wagner was out with a hamstring injury and played pretty well. Backup MLB Heath Farwell is having groin surgery and is on IR, but his career may be over. Pierre-Louis is a super fast rookie who will contribute a lot on special teams this season if he's healthy. He injured his hamstring again Friday night.


It's probably down to Adams or Akeem Auguste for the fifth CB spot. Adams had good and bad moments Friday night, getting beat of a long TD pass. But he also deflecting a pass that DeShawn Shead returned fro a 54-yard pick six. Lane had a great game two weeks ago but has a groin injury. He'll start as the nickelback if he's healthy. Simon, who missed his rookie year last season with injuries, has impressed everyone with his athleticism.


Johnson has been solid all preseason and is the first backup at both safety spots. Shead is listed as a cornerback and played that spot Friday night at Oakland, but the team needs him more at the safety spots. Chancellor is back after offseason hip surgery. Thomas likely has won the job to also return punts. Terrance Parks could slide in here if the teams keeps another DB.


These spots are set unless an injury occurs.
MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. -- Only time and, eventually, the St. Louis Rams will tell how many defensive linemen they keep on their initial 53-man roster.

Those answers probably won't come in any sort of official capacity until Saturday, when the league mandates every team trim their roster from 75 to 53 players by 4 p.m. ET. In the meantime, the Rams are facing a difficult decision on what to do at the most-watched battle among fifth defensive ends in league history.

On one hand there's Ethan Westbrooks, the versatile, undrafted rookie out of West Texas A&M who has done nothing but make plays since the preseason began. On the other there's Michael Sam, the seventh-round draft choice out of Missouri who has done nothing but make plays since the preseason began. Both have done enough to show that they belong on an NFL roster.

If the Rams were hoping Thursday night would offer some final clarity, they didn't get their wish. Per usual, both players were up to the task of providing further food for thought. Westbrooks had four tackles, a sack and two quarterback hits. Sam showed he can do more than just rush the passer by offering production against the run with a team-high six tackles.

[+] EnlargeMichael Sam
Nick Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty ImagesMichael Sam had a solid training camp, but there are many factors at play that will determine whether or not he makes the St. Louis Rams roster.
It has long been expected that the Rams would keep nine defensive linemen, and eight spots essentially were locked up before camp even began. If that's the case, then the Rams must now finally choose between Westbrooks and Sam.

"This is the hard part about the National Football League in the next couple of days, reducing the roster to 53," coach Jeff Fisher said. "We’ll have some discussions tomorrow and we’ll go from there."

Those discussions will bring into play many factors beyond what can be seen in a stat book. If there's an advantage to be found in this conversation, it's easily seen in Westbrooks' versatility.

Westbrooks has impressed the Rams' coaches and personnel department with his ability to play multiple positions, and his pass-rushing ability from the interior of the line has been even better than they thought.

"If you are versatile, I feel like some teams can look at you like an end, some can look at you like a tackle and if you can do both equally well and teams like that, I feel like that’s a good value to have," Westbrooks said.

At this point, it would be a surprise if Westbrooks isn't on the roster, at least in this corner of cyberspace. But because both players have made strong cases to stick, there still remains the possibility the Rams could keep both players.

Earlier this week, Fisher said he could keep as many as 12 defensive linemen. He was joking (I think), but the possibility of keeping 10 can't be discounted. The question then becomes how they get to that number.

As with any roster decisions, the numbers game always comes into play. And there are factors that could be working against Sam, including injuries to players such as cornerback Trumaine Johnson and Barrett Jones that aren't serious enough to land them on injured reserve, but might effectively double their roster spots as the Rams carry them and an additional player at the position.

"Those are things that all fall into play with these decisions," Fisher said.

Conversely, the Rams also might have something of a need for bodies at defensive end. They played with just three down linemen against Miami because of injuries to backups William Hayes and Eugene Sims. Hayes did not play in a preseason game as he recovers from a trio of offseason surgeries and Sims watched practice this week with his leg in a brace.

The status of that duo moving forward could also be an X factor in the discussion.

Regardless of the Rams' decision, Sam has no plans to sit around and nervously wait, as he did during the draft. He'll head to his alma mater on Saturday to watch Missouri open the season against South Dakota State secure in the belief he did all he could to win a job somewhere in the NFL.

"I’m very confident I will be playing on an NFL roster this fall," Sam said. "I made some big plays in games and in practice I improved every week and I know I can play in this league."

Now we wait to find out where he'll do it.

Observation Deck: St. Louis Rams

August, 28, 2014
Aug 28

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. -- St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher played coy all week about how much his starters would play against the Miami Dolphins on Thursday night.

As it turned out, they didn't play at all. All 22 likely starters sat out and Miami took a similar approach. From the Rams' standpoint, that's completely understandable, given what happened in the first half in Cleveland last Saturday, when five starters left with injuries.

In the battle of the junior varsity squads, the Rams (1-3) jumped to an early lead but couldn't hang on late as the Dolphins scored 14 unanswered points for a 14-13 win.

Some more thoughts and observations from Thursday's game:
  • On defense, the Rams showed a lot of a three-down-linemen look with three linebackers and five defensive backs. Even with backups in, coordinator Gregg Williams was OK with showing a few blitzes. On offense, they spent a lot of time with two tight ends in the game, with little in the way of pre-snap motion or movement.
  • No. 2 overall pick Greg Robinson received a lot of playing time, starting at left tackle. So much for putting him at left guard and letting him settle in there. It's fair to wonder at this point if he's going to start the season as a backup.
  • Defensive linemen Michael Sam and Ethan Westbrooks continued to make their cases for roster spots. Sam was particularly impressive against the run, which is a good sign for a guy who has mostly showed up as a pass rusher to this point. He finished with six tackles. Westbrooks continued to show his versatility and came up with his second sack of the preseason to go with four tackles and two quarterback hits. Backup ends Eugene Sims and William Hayes did not play, leaving a lot of work for Sam and Westbrooks.
  • Receiver Austin Pettis has been awfully quiet in this preseason with one catch for 21 yards in the first three games, but he did come up with an 11-yard touchdown catch in the second quarter.
  • With Trumaine Johnson out four to six weeks because of a sprained MCL, the Rams could keep as many as six cornerbacks. There's likely one spot up for grabs among the group of Marcus Roberson, Darren Woodard and Greg Reid. Woodard made the best case Thursday night, showing good instincts in coverage and solid tackling skills. But he missed a pair of golden opportunities to come up with interceptions that he had in his hands. Roberson also missed out on one late.
  • Trey Watts didn't lack for opportunities to make his final statement and answered the call again, flashing the shifty running style that has caught the staff's eye. He finished with 51 yards on 13 carries.
  • I thought linebacker James Laurinaitis might get a short cameo just to get a little game action before the regular season but that didn't happen. Laurinaitis didn't play in any of the four preseason games as he works his way back from an ankle injury.
  • It was another solid outing for quarterback Austin Davis, who started against the Dolphins. He finished 12-of-19 for 162 yards and a touchdown for a passer rating of 107.8.
Beast Mode and Bam Bam are on the list.

  Running back Marshawn Lynch and strong safety Kam Chancellor are the two Seattle Seahawks to appear Thursday on’s continuing countdown of the Top 100 offensive and defensive players in the NFL.

Lynch comes in at No. 14 on offense, and Chancellor is No. 16 on defense.

Lynch, 28, has been the heart and soul of the Seattle offense since he was acquired from the Buffalo Bills in 2010.

Since Lynch joined the Seahawks in Week 6 of 2010, he ranks second in the NFL in rushing yards (4,624), rushing touchdowns (41) and yards after contact (2,000), behind only Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson in each category.

Lynch epitomizes the hard-hitting, aggressive style of football that the Seahawks play. He is a virtual bulldozer of a running back, possibly the most physical runner since Earl Campbell in the 1970s.

Lynch is the workhorse of the team’s power-running offense. He has 901 carries over the past three seasons, rushing for more than 1,200 in each of those seasons.

But he became an overnight cult-hero to Seahawks fans with his 67-yard TD run in the Jan. 8, 2011 playoff game against New Orleans that came to be known as the Beast Quake. As Lynch was breaking tackle after tackle on the amazing run, the frenzied reaction from the crowd as CenturyLink Field caused a seismic event in downtown Seattle.

It’s fitting that Lynch and Chancellor appear on the countdown together because Chancellor conveys the physical presence on defense that Lynch brings to the offense.

Chancellor (6-3, 230) is widely regarded as the hardest hitter in the NFL. He has a highlight reel filled with bone-jarring tackles on receivers, running backs and even offensive linemen.

It’s his big hits that people remember, but Chancellor consistently makes tackles that stop drives and disrupt what offenses are trying to do.

Chancellor tied Seahawks middle linebacker Bobby Wagner for the team lead with 34 tackles in the three postseason games last season, but ESPN Stats & Information revealed it was the most tackles in the postseason by a defensive back since 2001.

The Seahawks now have 11 players on the countdown so far. The four other offensive players are center Max Unger (84), offensive tackle Russell Okung (65), receiver Percy Harvin (50) and quarterback Russell Wilson (26).

The five other defensive players listed are defensive tackle Brandon Mebane (94), outside linebacker Bruce Irvin (87), defensive end Cliff Avril (57), middle linebacker Wagner (41) and defensive end Michael Bennett (34).

W2W4: St. Louis Rams

August, 28, 2014
Aug 28
EARTH CITY, Mo. -- The St. Louis Rams and Miami Dolphins meet in Week 4 of the preseason Thursday night at Sun Life Stadium. Kickoff is set for 7 p.m. ET. Here are three things to watch for from the Rams' end:

1. Replacing Johnson: Projected starting cornerback Trumaine Johnson was among the five Rams starters suffering injuries in the first half last week against Cleveland, and though it looked brutal when it happened, it wasn't as bad as feared. Johnson has a sprained MCL in his knee and is expected to miss four to six weeks. That's not good news for a young and thin cornerback group but it's better than what was expected when he left on a cart. But now the Rams must not only figure out the remaining depth at the position, a battle that should include Marcus Roberson, Greg Reid and Darren Woodard, but also who will start opposite Johnson. They'd prefer to keep rookie Lamarcus Joyner as the primary nickelback, leaving rookie E.J. Gaines and Brandon McGee to battle for the spot. McGee has been dealing with an ankle injury and didn't practice Tuesday, which could mean Gaines gets the first shot to step in for Johnson. Either way, it's a good opportunity for all of the young corners to make a statement on where they belong in the pecking order.

2. Time for starters: In each of the other three preseason games, coach Jeff Fisher has been pretty open about how much playing time his starters will get in the week leading up to the game. Not this week. Fisher was noncommittal about how much work his starters will get against the Dolphins other than to say some will play more than others. With some players working back into shape off injury or battling injuries of their own, there's a line between those that need the work and those that don't. Expect linebacker James Laurinaitis to get some work after sitting the first three games with an ankle injury. As for quarterback Shaun Hill, Fisher wouldn't tip his hand. But it wouldn't surprise to see the Rams play it safe with him. Hill took plenty of reps with the first offense in the first week of preseason against New Orleans and it's probably not worth the risk to give him more than some token snaps.

3. Sam vs. Westbrooks: It's been one of the best battle of training camp and though there are others (potential fourth tight end, fourth running back, sixth linebacker, etc.), this is the one that has seen both players rise to the occasion again and again in the preseason. Ethan Westbrooks probably has the edge going into the game, impressing with his work in practice and games and his ability to play all over the line. But Michael Sam has been productive in games, even if practice hasn't been as good. There's still the outside chance the Rams could keep both but this is the last chance for both to make a strong closing statement.

St. Louis Rams cut-down analysis

August, 26, 2014
Aug 26
Most significant move: None of the Rams' moves really registered much of a blip on the radar, though parting with defensive end Sammy Brown and safety Matt Daniels in this round might qualify as something of a surprise. Brown and Daniels have spent time on the active roster over the past two years, but both have had similar problems staying healthy. Daniels was once a core special-teams player, but he suffered season-ending injuries in each of his two seasons. Brown has shuttled between the practice squad and active roster but spent most of this camp watching from the sideline. It was seemingly inevitable that both would be released but maybe a mild surprise for it to happen during the first round of cuts.

Sam still here: It's no surprise that defensive end Michael Sam made it past the first round of cuts given his draft status and production in the team's first three preseason games. Sam and undrafted rookie lineman Ethan Westbrooks continue to wage one of the more intriguing battles for a roster spot. Both have made strong cases that they belong in the NFL. The question becomes whether the Rams have room to keep both or if they will have to make a difficult decision. At this point, it wouldn't surprise to see another team claim either of them should they be exposed to the waiver wire. The Rams could theoretically keep 10 defensive linemen but would have to sacrifice at other spots. Injuries at cornerback and quarterback could also keep the Rams from going heavy elsewhere. Certainly, Sam and Westbrooks should get plenty of opportunities to make closing arguments Thursday night in Miami.

Rams' cuts: CB Jarrid Bryant, P Bobby Cowan, OT R.J. Dill, WR Jordan Harris, LS Jorgen Hus, FB Kadeem Jones, LB Johnny Millard, WR T.J. Moe; OT D.J. Morrell, LB Pat Schiller (waived injured), S Matt Daniels, DE Sammy Brown

Quarterback Sam Bradford (knee) and center Demetrius Rhaney (knee) were placed on injured reserve. Last week, the Rams placed running back Isaiah Pead on injured reserve and did not replace him on the roster. That brings the total to 75.