Saints' Rob Ryan: Man of the people

METAIRIE, La. -- Rob Ryan has become something of a cult hero in New Orleans because of the way he has the New Orleans Saints defense playing this year -- and because of his dynamic personality. It's become a popular tradition for him to mingle with fans after home victories at local Uptown bar Ms. Mae's.

"God, they're impressed with just how good lookin' I am," Ryan cracked when asked what fans say when they come up to him.

"I'm not used to this, for sure," Ryan said of all the pictures he's been asked to take with fans. "I was honestly feeling under the weather [last Sunday night], and my wife said, 'We always do this, we go celebrate with the guys.' So we did, and I guess it got out there.

"But look, we do enjoy this city. There's no question about it. This is our type of town. We love this place. The people are great. So wherever we show up, the people have been great. They're big football fans in this town. And we sure enjoy it, I know that."