Redskins' new playcaller debuts tonight

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

LANDOVER, Md. -- I just watched a grown man race all of the way down the sideline at FedEx to snap a cellphone pic of the Redskins' new playcaller, Sherman Lewis. Folks across the country want to know more about Lewis' bingo-calling past, and that's why news outlets such as ESPN showed up at a senior citizens center in Novi, Mich., this week.

An employee at the center granted an interview to 710 ESPN radio -- and the good folks at sportsradiointerviews.com passed it along to us.

Asked how much attention the center had been receiving in recent days, an employee named Rachel Zagalori said, "Oh my gosh! Yes, people are calling all the time and coming over and doing pictures and stories. And it’s quite the story."

Yes Ms. Zagalori, this is quite a story. I'm going to pay close attention to "head coach" Jim Zorn on the sideline to see how he reacts to Lewis' play calling. Zorn's said all the right things this week, but you know there will come a time when he doesn't like one of Lewis' calls. Will he step in and change the call?

Just because offensive coordinator Sherman Smith is relaying plays to Jason Campbell doesn't mean that Zorn won't be listening to every word. This is one of the most bizarre things I've run across in the league. I think Campbell will be ready to call his own plays if there's a communication problem at any point.

Eli Manning's considered an excellent game manager, but he still has problems with delay-of-game penalties. Imagine parachuting a guy in three weeks ago -- and then giving him play-calling duties.

I smell an Eagles blowout. They were awful last Sunday against the Raiders. I think you'll see them bounce back tonight.