Dan Graziano's MVP Watch

Tough day around these parts. The final MVP Watch of the season is upon is, and we’ve had some fun together, haven’t we? Sung some songs. Made some memories.

Remember the week when there was a kicker on the list? Seems like only last week. Wait. It was last week? Never mind then. If you lost your fantasy championship by two points because that dude missed a 37-yarder, you don’t want to hear about it.

There have been weeks with two Saints, two Seahawks, two Eagles, two tight ends. The list has seen mainstays like Tom Brady come and go and come again. Andrew Luck got as high as No. 2 once but hasn’t been seen in weeks. Multiple Chiefs defensive players rotated in and out for the first two months. Once, there was a guy on here who plays for the Jets. Wild, wacky stuff.

One thing that has remained constant all season is the occupant of the top spot, as this race has seemed to be over from the start. Nothing that happens Sunday, short of the explosion of the sun, can keep Peyton Manning from winning this season's MVP award. But your faithful Watch hopes the inevitability of the whole thing didn’t hamper your enjoyment of our weekly turn in this little corner of the sandbox.