Sunday Countdown: Eagles' D, Zimmers

"Sunday NFL Countdown" airs Saturday (11 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET) and Sunday (10 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET) on ESPN. Below are some of the features you can see this week.

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Finding a champion: Six of the past eight years, the Super Bowl champion played on wild-card weekend. We’ll look at the dominant characteristics of those six teams and our guys will break down which team playing this weekend has the best chance to raise the Lombardi Trophy.

Predator defense: Lost in the hype of Chip Kelly’s offense has been the Eagles’ defense this season. After a slow start, the Eagles have become one of the most consistent defenses in the NFL. Sal Paolantonio goes deeper to look at the Eagles “Predator” defense and how it keyed the team’s run to the NFC East title.

Westlake High: Drew Brees and Nick Foles are two vastly different types of quarterbacks, but aside from facing each other Saturday night, they have one major thing in common. They both played high school football at Westlake High School in Austin, Texas. We traveled to Austin to take a closer look at the early years for these two quarterbacks.

The Zimmers: Mike and Adam Zimmer are a rare combo in the NFL, father and son coaching on the same defensive staff in Cincinnati. But they are not just bonded by football and fatherhood; they both carry with them the painful memory of the day Mike’s wife and Adam’s mom Vikki died unexpectedly. Tom Jackson visited the Zimmers to find out how the defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach work together as father and son and how they keep the memory of Vikki alive.

Soundtracks, Philip Rivers: The passionate quarterback was miked in the Chargers’ Week 17 win over Kansas City.

Aaron Rodgers’ interest in the Congo: Sitting on the bus outside the stadium after winning Super Bowl XLV, the Green Bay quarterback wondered to himself -- is this really all there is to life? Motivated and looking for a deeper cause, he has shown an interest in drawing awareness to the political issues in the Republic of Congo. We followed Rodgers to rallies, where he inspired masses to help fight for the cause and Rodgers hopes to travel there this offseason to make a difference.