Poll: Who should be held accountable?

The Cleveland Browns' front office weighed in the night the season ended as to whom they held responsible for a 4-12 season.

When Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner fired Rob Chudzinski less than one year after hiring him -- and soon the rest of the coaches -- they made clear they felt the coaching staff did not do enough with the talent it had.

The coaches would beg to differ.

The staff clearly felt as the season went on that they were playing with a deck far short of full. The coaches started three quarterbacks, five running backs and had to play Greg Little and Davone Bess at receiver.

On the field, certain position groups also struggled. The defense gave up leads, and the only quarterback to have any kind of success was Brian Hoyer -- and that was over two games.

It's time for you to weigh in. Who do you think was the group most responsible for the Browns sixth 11-loss season in a row?