Sunday Countdown: Brady-Manning, more

Sunday NFL Countdown airs Sunday (12 to 3 p.m. ET) on ESPN. Below are some of the features you can see this week.

Also, check out our experts' picks.

Tom Brady versus Peyton Manning -- the beginning vignette: Sights and sounds of the two quarterbacks as kids, including parents’ memories and how both players fell in love with the game.

Pick-sixes: Ty Law is the only player in NFL history to get a pick-six against both Brady and Manning. He relives each and more notably tells the story of how both quarterbacks cornered him later to try and figure out how he knew what they were doing.

Rob Ninkovich: Where did the New England Patriots defensive captain acquire the blue-collar toughness and style that reminds people of tough Patriots linebackers of the past? He got it from his father, a Vietnam vet who spent his post-war time as an iron worker.

Raising the flag: A staple tradition at all Seattle Seahawks home games -- a local celeb raises the 12th Man flag to represent the fans. The story of how it started, what its purpose is and how Seahawks fans around the world, including soldiers in Afghanistan, model the tradition on game day.

San Francisco 49ers offensive line: Chris Berman went to San Francisco to talk to the line that paves the way for Frank Gore and protects Colin Kaepernick.

Russell Wilson conversation: A win this week gives Wilson more wins in his first two years than any quarterback in NFL history. Boomer went to Seattle to talk to the second-year quarterback.