NFLN survey/player safety: Bears

January, 27, 2014
Jan 27
Concussion litigation pushed the issue to the forefront, but not one of the 10 Chicago Bears players surveyed in our NFL Nation poll would elect to sit out of a Super Bowl due to a head injury.

NFL Nation asked 320 players around the league whether they’d play in the Super Bowl with a concussion, and not surprisingly, 272 players said they’d play, while 48 said they would not. That naturally led to the next question of whether the players believed the NFL is committed to player safety.

Of the 320 players surveyed, 192 said they believe the NFL is committed to player safety, while the other 128 disagreed. In the Chicago Bears locker room, seven of the 10 players surveyed said they believe the NFL is actually committed to player safety.

When asked whether they’d play in the Super Bowl with a concussion, every Bears player surveyed reacted as if it were a no-brainer that they’d continue to play. Asked whether the NFL is committed to safety, however, many of the Bears players surveyed waffled with some saying the statement was false before later changing their answers.

What do you guys think? The results of the survey don’t seem all that surprising, and the fact that the players were granted anonymity should have led to more truthful answers.

Michael C. Wright

ESPN Chicago Bears reporter



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