Inside Slant: Centralized replay, eventually

When NFL commissioner Roger Goodell goes public with a proposed rule or policy change, you can usually count on it happening. Such is the case for centralized instant replay, even if it's not ready for the 2014 season.

Goodell said last month that there is a "possibility" of including members of the league office on replay reviews to elevate accuracy and consistency. On-field referees would likely make the final decision on any challenges, according to Goodell, but even that tweak would require significant planning and discussion to ensure competitive fairness.

That process began, but only briefly, during meetings of the NFL's competition committee Tuesday, according to the NFL Network. Atlanta Falcons president/CEO Rich McKay, the co-chairman of the committee, told the network the issue was discussed for only about 15 minutes and that it will continue during a series of other previously scheduled meetings this spring.

It would be up to the committee to make any proposal for changes and then submit to ownership for debate, possible adjustment, and a final vote. The competition committee will meet again next month in Naples, Fla. Owners are scheduled for meetings March 23-26 in Orlando, Fla., and May 19-21 in Atlanta.

I wouldn't think the technology and process of semi-centralized replay would be an overwhelming and time-consuming adjustment for the NFL. But if it takes two years of planning to get it right, I suppose that is preferable to a rushed implementation and subsequent year of trial and error.