Spikes: Fresh start best for both sides

Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes, set to become a free agent at the start of the new league year on Tuesday, said on Friday morning during an appearance on NFL Network's "NFL AM" that "both sides could benefit from a fresh start" as it relates to free agency.

"I would never say never," he said of a return to New England before adding, "You know, everybody [says] you never want to burn a bridge, but I just feel like both sides could benefit from a fresh start.

"That being said, in free agency, I just feel like I'm out here, I'm available, I'm 100 percent," he continued. "Any team that is willing to take a chance on me, they're going to get a playmaker, a guy that's very aggressive on the field, looking to be a difference-maker."

Spikes, who had 86 tackles during the 2013 season, was placed on injured reserve in advance of the AFC divisional round in part due to missing a team meeting, ESPN NFL Insider Chris Mortensen reported. Spikes also was dealing with a knee issue during the latter part of the season.

"I think that was a coach's decision," Spikes said of being placed on injured reserve. "And I'm just an employee, you know, what Adam Sandler said, 'just go with it.' I had no choice, but I think, you know, they put me on IR because of my injury. I was definitely devastated to not be able to compete, you know, you fight all season to get to the playoffs and it really hurt me not to be out there with my teammates."

Spikes conceded that he wishes he had handled some things differently.

"I think, you know, overall, you know, if I could do some things differently I would, but it is what it is in the past and I think it's just time to move on," he said.

With free agency right around the corner, Spikes said that he is fully healed from his injury.

"I'm all set," he noted. I'm just ready to ball and go out there and make plays. I'm good, I'm 100 percent."

And while the Patriots appear like an unlikely landing spot for Spikes in 2014, the former second-round pick believes he has the skill set to fit any NFL defense.

"I think any team as far as [my] skill set," he said. "I feel like I'm a three-down player. I know a lot of people know me as a run stopper, but I've got great coverage skills."