MNF moments, No. 33: No stopping Bavaro

Dan Honda/Getty Images

To celebrate the 45th season of "Monday Night Football," a panel of ESPN.com contributors has selected the 45 most memorable moments in MNF history. Follow along as we reveal one per day and count down the number of days to this season's MNF debut.

No. 33: Giants 21, 49ers 17 | Dec. 1, 1986

With the New York Giants trailing 17-0 early in the third quarter, tight end Mark Bavaro caught a pass from Phil Simms 10 yards downfield. San Francisco 49ers linebackers Mike Walter and Riki Ellison were the first to make contact with Bavaro at the 49ers' 36-yard line, but both bounced off.

Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott would then grab hold of Bavaro at the 32. Bavaro dragged Lott all the way to the 18 as four other 49ers were needed to take Bavaro down.

That play set up the Giants' first score of the game, a 17-yard touchdown pass from Simms to RB Joe Morris. Bavaro's play also sparked a momentum push by New York to score 21 unanswered points and secure the road victory.

Bavaro, a fourth-round pick by the Giants in 1985, finished the Monday night game with seven receptions and 98 yards.