Is the Giants' pass-rush back?

LANDOVER, Md. -- For whatever reason, the Redskins just do not seem to match up with the Giants very well. The Skins have not beaten the Giants since 2007 and it does not look like the streak will end tonight.

Giants defensive end Justin Tuck broke through to sack Jason Campbell on the Redskins' first possession. Tuck entered the game with a stunningly low 4.5 sacks per game but he's bringing it tonight. The Giants delivered a pretty strong message with an 80-yard touchdown drive to begin the game.

And so far, the Skins' defense cannot get off the field on third down. Redskins safety LaRon Landry continues to make baffling plays. Always in search of the huge hit, Landry whiffed on Hakeem Nicks a few moments ago. It's like the guy does not have any depth perception.