AFC East: Where Tim Tebow might land

March, 2, 2010
Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is working to refine his throwing motion. Will he play quarterback or some other position in the NFL? Let's assess his chances of landing in the AFC East.

Buffalo Bills: Logic would suggest the Bills have too many needs to draft a project, but they do need a quarterback and have been susceptible to falling for splashy names that might sell tickets. Tebow's greatest asset is his PR factor. The Bills could use a boost there. Buffalo icon Jim Kelly has declared the Bills' need to pursue Tebow, but I'm not sure he's influential enough to orchestrate a draft pick.

Draft probability: Medium.

Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins are intriguing because they're the originators of the Wildcat offense. Some scouts believe Tebow has value as a gadget player while he learns how to be a pro-style passer. But the Dolphins made one of those draft picks last year when they took scrambling quarterback Pat White in the second round. The Dolphins can't afford to make that gamble two Aprils in a row, can they?

Draft probability: Low.

New England Patriots: The Patriots are worth considering as a possible landing spot for Tebow. They have only two quarterbacks and, with Tom Brady in his prime, time to develop a raw talent. Patriots coach Bill Belichick showed he can think outside the box last year by drafting Kent State quarterback Julian Edelman and converting him to receiver. So there's that. Plus, Belichick and Florida coach Urban Meyer have a close friendship, leading some to wonder if that would make Belichick more comfortable with Tebow's question marks.

Draft probability: Medium.

New York Jets: For all of the services Tebow can provide, the Jets already have players who do them. They have their quarterback of the future and a loaded QB depth chart. Brad Smith is their gadget player. Dustin Keller is their receiving tight end. Maybe Tebow's off-the-charts intangibles entice Rex Ryan to draft him, then figure out what to do with him later. Move him to safety perhaps? Doubtful, but the Jets have a creative front office, and Tebow sure can capture an imagination.

Draft probability: Low.



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