Free agency: More bore than roar

Roughly 12 hours into the free-agent signing period, we're already tracking the A.J. Feeleys and Matt Wares of the NFL world.

That tells us plenty about what to expect from NFC West teams in the market.

Those guys generally would have been on the radar deeper into free agency.

There was some uncertainty as to how Seattle might proceed once the signing period opened simply because of the team's new leadership. I think we have our answer. The Seahawks have not been mentioned among the teams bidding for Julius Peppers. Rumors have connected Seattle to Aaron Kampman simply because the Seahawks' new general manager was with Kampman in Green Bay, but I'm not expecting teams to rush into agreements with players coming off season-ending knee surgeries.

While the Cardinals will be paying close attention to Antrel Rolle and Karlos Dansby, they likely will not be chasing prominent free agents from other teams. Rules governing the final eight playoff teams make it tough, and Arizona wasn't going to be a big player anyway.

Those expecting a weekend featuring plenty of sizzle might have to fire up their barbecues to make it happen. The biggest question on the first weekend of free agency could be, "Chicken or fish?"