Richard Sherman doesn't understand criticism of Cam Newton

Before their game against the Carolina Panthers in the divisional round, several Seattle Seahawks players said they had no issue with Cam Newton's celebrations.

With the Super Bowl six days away, Newton is in the national spotlight. He has his critics for sure. But Newton also has his fans, and among them is Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman.

"He hasn't done anything wrong to anyone," Sherman said on the Justin and Gee Show on 710 ESPN Seattle. "He hasn't done anything off the field or hurt anyone or committed a crime or done anything. He plays the game like a young kid, like a kid's supposed to play it. This is a game. This isn't life. This isn't government. This isn't military. This isn't anything that's that serious. I think people are taking it out of perspective."

Newton completed 16 of 22 passes for 161 yards and a touchdown against the Seahawks in the postseason matchup. He led the Panthers to two victories against Seattle, including a come-from-behind win during the regular season.

"They're saying he's a bad example for kids," Sherman said. "This is a kid's game. Unless he's cursing or putting the middle finger up or pulling his pants down or doing things like that, then I don't get what they're saying. The guy's going out there and playing as hard as he can, living the dream and treating it like that. He's honoring the game in his own way, and I think that old-school way of thinking is why the conversation is going so long."