Coldplay: 'We're rooting for the Denver Panthers'

SAN FRANCISCO -- One reporter stood up and played his saxophone.

Another thanked Coldplay for helping get her through a bad breakup in 2004 and someone else asked for a hug.

Meanwhile, a question was lobbed at band frontman Chris Martin asking if his children Apple and Moses would watch on Sunday (no one, though, dared mention ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow).

Welcome to the Super Bowl 50 halftime show news conference, where entertainment and sports journalists mingle in a scene that rivals the sublime meeting the ridiculous.

“I hope they watch,” Martin said of his kids, ages 11 and 9. “What else is on that day? It’s hard to get tickets, man.”

Yes, getting the halftime show gig on Super Sunday can be seen as the pinnacle of a musician’s career. At least, as long as all goes well.

Asked what might be Coldplay’s “Left Shark” moment, Martin deadpanned, “You mean, which part of our show will f--- up terribly?”

Lead guitarist Jonny Buckland, though, acknowledged the enormity of the show.

“We were staggered, to be honest,” he said. “Nothing is bigger for a band.”

The Grammy Award-winning British group will be joined by Beyonce in a nod to past halftime shows -- she brought down the house, as well as the electricity in New Orleans three years ago -- and the Youth Orchestra Los Angeles as a tip of the cap to the future.

“It’s been fun to make one giant band together,” Martin said.

Entertainment reporters fawned over the group, cheering when it took the stage for the news conference and laughing uncontrollably at its jokes.

And admittedly, Martin was on point with his political humor, saying he felt like Donald Trump when looking at the adoring crowd and insisting Coldplay “won” the gig by campaigning for it a while back.

“We started in Iowa three years ago ... ,” Martin said.

And try as they might, the entertainment media -- sports reporters were not given the microphone to ask questions -- could not get the band members to pick a favorite in the game.

“We are firmly split down the middle,” drummer Will Champion said. “Those of us who know absolutely nothing about football, and those who know almost absolutely nothing about football.”

Added Martin: “As long as LeBron James has a good game ... we’re definitely rooting for the Denver Panthers.”

Cue the laugh track.