Breaking down Jones, Williams deals

We enlisted the help of Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. to breakdown the two big additions in the AFC West on Tuesday. Kansas City signed running back Thomas Jones and Denver signed former San Diego defensive tackle Jamal Williams.

Williamson on Jones: “I love it. He is not an elite player, but he still has something left. I’ve been saying the Jets will regret letting him go. He is going to help the Chiefs. He really will help young running back Jamaal Charles. The Chiefs don’t have a great line and they aren’t going to win the Super Bowl this year, so it doesn’t make sense to give Charles the ball 25 times. Now, he can be given the ball 15 times and extend his career and Jones can help carry the load. This move will also help Charles watch Jones and learn how to become a pro. Jones is a good blocker who understands the passing game. He will help Matt Cassel. This is a great move.”

Williamson on Williams: “This is hard to comment on if you’re not a doctor. I’m just not sure how much he has left. He dealt with the triceps injury and he had knee injuries before that. Before he was lost for the season last year, I wasn’t really impressed. But who knows how much he was hurting. I wouldn’t be surprised if come training camp his body broke down and he had to retire. But if he does have something left, it is a very limited amount. I do like what Denver did at end with Jarvis Green and Justin Bannan. I really like Bannan. He is versatile and he can help any team. Even if Williams is banged up, the front three of Green, Bannan and Williams is better than what the Broncos had last year.”