Carson Wentz or Jared Goff? Coaches, scouts weigh in on which QB they would draft

The great QB debate: Wentz or Goff? (1:09)

Mel Kiper Jr. discusses the perception and confidence of the top quarterbacks in the 2016 NFL draft. (1:09)

While the 2016 NFL draft quarterback class lacks quality, it does have two clear-cut first-round choices: North Dakota State's Carson Wentz and Cal's Jared Goff.

Cleveland has the second overall pick in the draft, which is why Browns coach Hue Jackson has attended the pro days of both quarterbacks. Jackson called Wentz's workout very impressive Thursday but also said, "It's good to know we have very strong options at No. 2."

While Jackson can't show his hand, several other current NFL coaches and scouts -- along with our own Ron Jaworski -- weighed in on which quarterback they would pick and why.

Why Wentz over Goff

Head coach: "Wentz, in my mind, is the best of the [quarterback] group by a large margin. His arm is just way better, much stronger."

Offensive coordinator: "[Wentz's] biggest strengths are toughness, athleticism for his size and ability to stand in there and deliver the ball down the field with pressure."

Scouts: Two scouts at Wentz's pro day marveled at his size. They acknowledged the ability of Russell Wilson but said more often than not, they'd prefer a quarterback who's physically gifted. They liked the size of Wentz and ranked his pro day near the top.

Ron Jaworski: "When you look at Carson Wentz on tape, you see a quarterback who checks all the boxes. Not just his physical attributes. Not just having the big strong arm [and] mobility. You have to be able to play the game at a high IQ, and he has that.”

Why Goff over Wentz

Head coach: "An exceptional passer; I really like how poised he is."

Quarterbacks coach: "In my opinion, [Goff] is the better passer."

Scout: "Problem with Goff is he's run the spread offense. It's a lot different than what we're used to [in the NFL], the dropback under center. We have trouble with that in our meetings because you're trying to dissect what he really knows and what he doesn't. The spread-offense quarterbacks are a little behind in that regard, especially if you're going to draft high. That's a gamble."

Jaworski: “Jared Goff is a very intriguing prospect for me. When I look at tape, I see a guy who has incredible ability in the pocket. The guy has amazing pocket movement, and that’s an attribute you have to have at the NFL level. My only concern is that he’s had very little experience under center. He’s been a gun quarterback, he’s been an air-raids-system quarterback. Yeah, he can make all the throws: short, intermediate, deep. But I always wonder about guys that play in that style of offense, in the gun, their ability to read defenses properly. That’s the question mark I have on Goff."