Singletary stresses communication

San Francisco 49ers coach Mike Singletary, speaking Wednesday at the NFL owners meetings, offered a few thoughts on general manager Scot McCloughan's departure.

Player personnel director Trent Baalke is handling the draft.

"We've already begun communication and just making sure we're on the same page," Singletary told reporters. "Jed [York], myself, Trent, [pro personnel director] Tom Gamble -- I think we just have to continue to pull it in a little bit more and make sure everyone is seeing it the same way and continue to move forward with that. But I'm very excited about where we are as an organization and the upcoming draft and very thankful for where we are right now."

Singletary also addressed perceptions that the organization is in turmoil.

"I never worry about the perceptions," Singletary said. "The most important thing for us to do is stay focused on the goal at hand -- becoming a great organization and a contender to go to the Super Bowl and winning games. I don't know what the perception is and I'll never really know what the perception is because I don't pay attention to it. I focus on our team and I know how our team feels. I know how our players feel and our coaches feel. We just have t o continue to go forward and let all those other things fall by the wayside."