Matt Williamson critical of Denver's drafting

We caught up with Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc., one of the most astute and honest talent evaluators I know. Williamson had some harsh thoughts on the drafting done by Denver coach Josh McDaniels, climaxing with the trade up to get Tim Tebow at No. 25 Thursday night.

Here are Williamson’s thoughts:

I am starting to think that Josh McDaniels really doesn’t know what he is doing in regards to the draft.

In essence, the Broncos traded Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler for two first-round picks and two second-round picks. Actually, they got more than that, including their present starting quarterback. That is respectable value, especially considering the bargain basement prices that veterans are going for this offseason.

But what McDaniels has done with his wealth of early draft picks over the past two years is criminal. Demaryius Thomas surely has upside, but he is very much of a project in that he didn’t run a full route tree at Georgia Tech. The Tim Tebow pick to me at No. 25 is just too much of a reach.

And coupling the Tebow pick with last year’s drafting of Knowshon Moreno (12th overall), Robert Ayers (18th) and trading up for Alphonso Smith (37th) and Richard Quinn (64th) is extremely questionable from top to bottom.

Maybe I am way off base, but with all the draft board manipulation, I get the feeling that McDaniels is trying to emulate his mentor, Bill Belichick. But the results are not comparable in my opinion. There isn’t a player that I will be rooting for more than Tebow, but this was way too early to pick him. So where is Denver strong right now? I very much like their secondary as a whole and their offensive tackles. The defensive line surely will be improved and half of their linebacking corps (D.J. Williams and Elvis Dumervil) is stellar. But that’s it.