Tebow, McDaniels build relationship

Tim Tebow and his college coach, Urban Meyer, had a strong relationship.

The two won championships together at Florida behind the strength of an extremely close friendship. Meyer, on several occasions, said Tebow was essentially a son to him.

It’s early, but it seems like Tebow and his new coach, Josh McDaniels, are well on their way to building a close bond. Because McDaniels just turned 34 and Tebow is 22, perhaps the relationship will be more big brother-little brother.

In a fine story by the Denver Post, both Tebow and McDaniels said they have clicked. The relationship began with a meeting at the combine. The Broncos brought Tebow to Denver for a visit and then worked him out in Florida three days before McDaniels staked his future by trading three picks to take Tebow with the 25th pick in the first round.

It all started in a meeting room in Indianapolis.

"I was jacked leaving that room," Tebow said. "I didn't even want to visit another room. It was not enough time. We were excited, we were enthusiastic. There was passion. It was just intense, and it was ball, and it was juice. The juice level in that room was high, and it was awesome."

McDaniels was equally jacked.

"We left [the combine] saying, 'Boy, that's pretty unique, what he has and his passion for this game and for winning." McDaniels said. "He's been a winner, and you could see why."

It’s important that Tebow and McDaniels have a mutual respect. They’ll have to rely on each other to succeed in the NFL.