Pac-10, Big Ten, SEC rule NFC West

The SEC, ACC, Big Ten, Big 12 and Pac-1o rule NFL rosters -- in that order -- outside the NFC West.

Not so within the division.

The chart shows NFC West teams favoring players from the Pac-10, Big Ten, SEC, ACC and Big 12 -- in that order -- after filling out their rosters with draft choices and undrafted free agents.

My totals reflect NFL roster counts after 27 of 32 teams, including all four NFC West teams, signed undrafted free agents (all teams will sign them, but signings aren't official in some cases).

The Seahawks clearly favor the Pac-10. They have 26 of the division's 51 players from the conference coach Pete Carroll called home from 2001 through 2009. The 49ers and Rams seem to favor the Big 12 more than the Seahawks or Cardinals. All four teams tap into the Big Ten close to equally.

Seattle has led the NFL in players from the ACC over the past few years. The Rams have closed ground. The Rams also have the division's only five players from the Division II Lone Star Conference (quarterback Keith Null, linebacker K.C. Asiodu, linebacker Freddie Harris, defensive tackle Jermelle Cudjo and defensive end Eugene Sims).

The chart names every conference with at least five players in the NFC West. The Cardinals have an additional 15 players from other conferences, most in the division. Seattle has the division's only three players from Independent programs (Julius Jones, Golden Tate and John Carlson, all from Notre Dame).

All conference listing reflect current affiliations. Totals count signed players, unsigned franchise players and unsigned restricted free agents.

NFC West Conference Affiliations