Tim Tebow watch: First day of OTAs

It’s OTA time. Usually that doesn’t mean much. But it was a big deal in Denver on Monday.

It marked the first time first-round pick Tim Tebow hit the field with his veteran teammates. Denver had a rookie minicamp the weekend after the draft and will have a mandatory full-team minicamp next month. OTA’s are boring exercises. Yet, there was a buzz in the Mile High air Monday.

A longtime Broncos employee tweeted Monday that there hasn’t been this type of offseason excitement in Denver since John Elway’s rookie season 27 years ago. That’s what the drafting of Tebow means. Everything is suddenly interesting. Tebow himself tried to deflect being the center of attention.

"That's not something I can control much," Tebow told reporters. "I think something my (teammates) will know is how hard I'll work, and my character and what I'm all about. So I don't think that will bother them too much, to be honest."

While Tebow is the big story in Denver, it is clear he still has a long way to go before he actually hits the field. Tebow is starting off as the fourth-string quarterback behind Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn and Tom Brandstater. Denver coach Josh McDaniels said during the draft weekend that Tebow would have to show he is better than each of his competitors before he bypasses any of them.

Still, the Broncos plan to use Tebow in some packages, likely in the red zone, before he takes over as the starter. So, expect him to move up to No.2 sometime this summer. It will be difficult to activate Tebow in games if he is the No. 3 quarterback.

Meanwhile, ESPN.com has a fun look at the Tebow hysteria as No. 15 experiences a dramatic change in Denver.