Saints still keeping close eye on Favre

Perhaps more than any team aside from the Minnesota Vikings, the New Orleans Saints are tracking the Brett Favre story very closely.

That’s largely because the Saints are scheduled to host the Vikings in a season-opening game that will be a rematch of the past season’s NFC Championship Game.

With reports flying that Favre will not return to the Vikings, he obviously became a hot topic when the Saints and the media talked Tuesday.

“I’ll just worry about our team right now," New Orleans coach Sean Payton said when asked for reaction to the reports.

Payton wasn’t biting when asked if he thought if this definitely was the end of Favre’s career.

“Like I said, I listen to the experts and it’s 50-50," Payton said. “He’s a great player and obviously if he’s playing you have to account for his presence on the field and if he’s not, you have to prepare for who’s playing in his place. He’s had a great career and we’ll see.”

Mike Triplett’s got plenty of reaction from New Orleans players here. It sure sounds like the Saints are skeptical that Favre really is done. Given Favre’s recent history of changing his mind, I think this is the only approach the Saints really can take. Until they line up in the Superdome on that opening Thursday night, I don’t think they can afford to rule out the possibility of seeing Favre.