Week 2 Power Rankings: NFC North

Time for a pop quiz. Here's the one and only question: Name the last time an NFC North team was ranked as high as No. 2 overall in ESPN.com's weekly Power Rankings.

I have no doubt everyone keeps a mental catalogue of such things. But rest assured. We have a handy resource with which you can always access such information.

OK, time's up. As I'm sure you already knew, it's been almost four years since we've had a team ranked so high. The Chicago Bears were No. 2 in Week 11 of the 2006 season, a feat that a team finally has matched in Week 2 of 2010.

That's right. The Green Bay Packers have ascended to No. 2 and even got a first-place vote by the Hall of Fame member of our voting committee, ESPN.com senior writer John Clayton. Only the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints are ranked ahead of the Packers this week.

Below is the Week 2 breakdown for the entire NFC North. Thanks for your cooperation.

2. Green Bay Packers

Trending: Up one spot from last week after 27-20 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

6. Minnesota Vikings

Trending: Down one spot from last week after 14-9 loss at New Orleans.

22. Chicago Bears

Trending: Actually down one spot after 19-14 victory over the Detroit Lions.

29. Detroit Lions

Trending: Down one spot after 19-14 loss to the Bears.