Chargers deal with second straight blackout

After 48 straight sell outs, the San Diego Chargers are dealing with their second straight blackout.

The team announced that it did not sell enough tickets to avoid a local television blackout for Sunday’s home game against Arizona. The game will not be shown within a 75-mile radius of the stadium. San Diego’s home opener against Jacksonville was also blacked out.

The team announced it has more than 6,500 tickets remaining for Sunday’s game. The Chargers flirted with blackouts in recent years, but always sold enough ticket to avoid them. It seems like blackouts could be an issue all season. Prior to the season, the team said only the Oct. 24 game against New England is a sure sellout.

The fact that Arizona is not a great draw and that the Chargers lost last week at Seattle to fall to 1-2 probably didn’t help San Diego’s cause in avoiding the blackout this week.